2013 International CES  

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Examining What's Next
For Wireless Technology

Broadcom's Michael Hurlston joins other tech experts at CES to discuss the future of wireless tech and its potential impact on our lives.

LGE's Smart TVs Integerate 5G WiFi

Viewers can tap faster and more reliable wireless connections to deliver content to multiple screens in their homes.


Ultra HD Gets Real at CES

The excitement is building for Ultra HD TV — boasting display resolutions of at least 8 megapixels.

Car Connectivity Through Ethernet

In-car Ethernet brings the most efficient, reliable and speedy connectivity technologies to more drivers.


Hands On with uWand

Philips' sophisticated new gesture-based remote control is changing the TV viewer experience.

Inside Broadcom's CES Booth

Dozens of the latest and greatest connectivity-related designs were showcased in 350 linear feet of live demo space.


TV Anywhere, Anytime

With Dish Network's newest Hopper DVR, viewers never have to miss out on their favorite television shows.


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Learn about what Broadcom has planned for the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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From the Broadcom Connected Blog

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OPEN Alliance Releases Automotive Ethernet Specs

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Trident-II+ Switches Bringing Flexible Data Center Capabilities to the Enterprise

Companies already know about the avalanche of data traffic that’s expected to overwhelm their...

StrataDNX™: The End of The Bandwidth/Extensibility Tradeoff in the Data Center

We all know the etiquette: When you’re standing outside an elevator or a subway train, you’re...

Inside OpenNSL: Open Source Innovation in the Network Has Arrived

As the Internet has evolved – with more users performing more tasks with more devices — data...


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Powered by Broadcom
Broadcom has identified these six technologies as the ones that will drive connectivity in 2013.

Near Field Communication

CONNECTED EVERYTHING: NFC technology is becoming a springboard for added features and services in an array of products — from mobile devices to home electronics.

5G WiFi

CONNECTED LIFE: A new generation of Wi-Fi technology is paving the way for a more robust and reliable wireless pipeline.

In-car Ethernet

CONNECTED CARS: In-car Ethernet brings the most efficient, reliable and speedy connectivity technologies to more of today's drivers.


CONNECTED ENTERTAINMENT: Industry standard streamlines the ways Wi-Fi connected devices can seamlessly send, share and stream content.

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

CONNECTED DEVICES: Companies are learning that 'BYOD' is about more than just keeping information separate and secure.

Location-based Technology

CONNECTED PLACES: New mobile technology is connecting companies and consumers with lightning-fast, pinpoint accuracy.