2013 Mobile World Congress  

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Catch the latest from Broadcom at Mobile World Congress 2013.

Making headlines in Barcelona

Broadcom made a slew of big announcements and showed off a lot of buzz-generating demos at this year's Mobile World Congress.

Designed for a 4G World

Multi-mode, multi-band 4G LTE modem delivers top mobile speed, power and performance.


Small Cells Go Big

These new technologies boost quality, data speed and content delivery to smartphones.

HTC One® Sets New Standard

Smartphone leverages 5G WiFi tech for fast, reliable connectivity — and a longer battery life.


Miracast™ Makes a Splash

Broadcom and partners look to spur adoption of the Wi-Fi standard into more electronics.

Seen at MWC: 'PC-on-a-Stick'

This device has the potential to become the next generation of personal computing.


Easing the Spectrum Crunch

Here's how carrier aggregation consolidates spectrum bands and adds broadband capacity.

GPS Tech Zooms In On Geofencing

The latest GPS technology facilitates on-the-go mobile connections, while preserving battery power.


Facebook Photos from MWC

See the latest images of what's happening with Broadcom in Barcelona.

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Powered by Broadcom
These mobile technologies are blazing bold new paths into 2013 and beyond.


Mobile technology accesses the Internet much faster, more reliably than ever before.

Small Cell

Miniature, short-range base station technologies boost data speed, content delivery for smartphones.


The latest GPS technology facilitates on-the-go mobile connections, while preserving battery power.

Near Field Communication

NFC helps an array of products — from mobile devices to home electronics — deliver features, services.