Corporate Timeline

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
921 $521.2M 5


  • Enters home networking market with industry's first high-speed home networking silicon.
  • World's first GbE chip for existing copper cabling.
  • First single-chip voice, video, and data switch system.
  • World's first CMOS TV tuner.
  • Joint development program with Cisco to deliver high-speed wireless Internet service.
  • Next-generation DOCSIS cable modem chip.
  • Digital gateway solution for distributing broadband services to and throughout the home.
  • Chip for cost-effective HDTV set-top boxes.
  • Industry's first managed switch-on-a chip.
  • Broadcom's first acquisition: Maverick Networks (San Jose, CA) Technology: Switching Equipment for Enterprise Networking
  • Epigram, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA) Technology: Home Networking
  • Armedia, Inc. (Bangalore, India) Technology: Digital Video Content and Distribution
  • HotHaus Technologies, Inc. (Vancouver, B.C.) Technology: OpenVoIP Software - IP Telephony, Data & Fax
  • AltoCom, Inc. (Mountain View, CA) Technology: Software - Home Networking
  • Expanding internationally: Broadcom opens first European and Asian offices in Singapore and The Netherlands.
  • Stock: February 18th, first stock split (2-for-1).

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
411 $216.7M 4


  • First integrated universal satellite receiver to support DVB, DSS, and Primestar satellite systems.
  • Demonstrates Voice-Over IP for next-generation MCNS cable modems.
  • Demonstrates integrated IP telephony and IP videoconferencing solution for cable.
  • Breakthrough VDSL solution.
  • First demodulator chip that doubles the upstream bandwidth for two-way cable modem deployment.
  • World's first single-chip cable modem solution.
  • Receives 500,000 unit production order from Scientific-Atlanta.
  • Studio-quality text, graphics, and video for the TV.
  • Going public: On April 17, Broadcom goes public with record setting IPO. The stock jumps 123% on the first day.
  • Expansion: Broadcom moves to its global headquarters on Alton in Irvine, CA.
  • First Fellows: Broadcom elects its first Fellows, Fang Lu and Kevin Chan.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
208 $42.3M 2


  • World's first MCNS-DOCSIS prototype cable modem equipment shipped to CableLabs.
  • Highly integrated transceivers and repeater controllers halve the price and form factor of Fast Ethernet hubs.
  • Broadcom and GlobeSpan partner to promote RADSL standard and enable multivendor interoperability.
  • AMD, Broadcom, National, and TI define RMII to enable lower-cost, higher-density networking devices.
  • DSP-based architecture results in highestperformance Fast Ethernet transceivers and QuadPHY products.
  • First two-way cable modem system to implement the MCNS-DOCSIS MAC protocol.
  • Broadcom joins VDSL coalition.
  • Cable industry leaders unanimously adopt Broadcom's common MCNS-DOCSIS silicon platform.
  • Awards: Broadcom ranked #1 by Red Herring Magazine as the "Top Private Technology Company Worldwide."
  • Awards: Broadcom founders ranked in the top 50 "Cyber Elite" by Time Digital Magazine.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
109 $23.9M 0


  • Industry's first comprehensive VLSI cable modem architecture.
  • Nortel and Broadcom announce collaboration to develop low-cost, single-chip ADSL technology.
  • Enters European digital cable TV and broadcast satellite market with family of DVB-compliant ICs.
  • Industry's first Fast Ethernet repeater controller with integrated RMON support.
  • Awards: Ernst & Young awards Broadcom CEO, Henry Nicholas, with "Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
40 $6.6M 0


  • Industry's first 10/100 Base-T4 transceiver chip for Fast Ethernet applications
  • Integrates General Instrument's DigiCipher II 64-QAM forward error correction (FEC) into Broadcom QAM chip.
  • TI, National, AT&T and Broadcom collaborate to provide Fast Ethernet design aids.
  • Samueli knockout: Henry Samueli and Rich Citta of Zenith duke it out within the SCTE standards body on QAM vs. VSB as the standard for digital cable transmission. Samueli scores a huge TKO for Broadcom, and QAM is officially adopted as the cable standard.
  • Expansion: Broadcom moves from Westwood offices to 16251 Laguna Canyon Road, Irvine, CA.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
24 $3.6M 0


  • Industry's first single-chip 64/256-QAM cable TV receiver.
  • Scientific-Atlanta and Broadcom announce strategic partnership to develop digital TV technology.
  • Scientific-Atlanta demonstrates new Broadcom 256-QAM digital modulation IC at NCTA in New Orleans.
  • HP adopts Broadcom's 64-QAM digital cable TV transmission technology.
  • First 100-Mbps Ethernet product ships to Intel.
  • Extreme makeover: Broadband Telecom is officially renamed Broadcom.
  • Earthquake: On January 17th at 4:30 am, the Northridge earthquake disturbs David Kruse and Loke Tan who are still hard at work in the office.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
11 $1.1M 0


  • The dawn of the set-top box: Scientific-Atlanta selects Broadcom to design digital demodulation in experimental cable TV set-top boxes for Time Warner. Original threechip set evolves into a single-chip solution in just ten months.
  • First products began shipping with the use of TSMC's foundry.
  • The 3COM challenge: In an initial meeting, 3COM dismisses Broadcom as a small unknown player. Broadcom promises to return with a 100Base-T4 Fast Ethernet chip, ten times faster than anything on the market. One year later, Broadcom delivers on its promise.
  • Expansion: Second office is leased from a law firm on the 14th floor of 10920 Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood, CA.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
2 $221K 0


  • First customer: TRW purchases digital frequency synthesizer for end-customer, Analog Devices.
  • Expansion: First office in Westwood, CA, near UCLA campus.


Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
2 $44K 0


  • Engaged in developing products and establishing strategic customer and foundry relationships.
  • The dream: In 1981, Henry Samueli and Henry Nicholas III first meet while working for defense contractor TRW, Inc. Samueli, specializing in communications systems design, and Nicholas, specializing in chip design, are both working on the Defense Department's Very High-Speed IC (VHSIC) program.
    A few years later in 1988, Samueli, now teaching at UCLA's School of Engineering, convinces Nicholas, his first Ph.D. candidate, to join him full-time at PairGain Technologies. In 1991, their shared visions of cable and high-speed networking drive them to create their own company, Broadband Telecom.
  • Self-Funded: Samueli and Nicholas each write a check for $5,000 to fund the company. Their business cards list Nicholas' Redondo Beach residence as the company address.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
7,407 $4.49B 3,800


  • Broadcom powers the connected digital home at CES 2009
  • Industry's first cable set-top box solutions with integrated DVB-C tuners
  • Nokia selects Broadcom as a next generation 3G chipset supplier
  • Broadcom demonstrates premier cellular, connectivity and multimedia processing solutions for next generation mobile handsets at 2009 Mobile World Congress
  • Extends combo chip portfolio delivering simultaneous operation of Bluetooth, GPS and FM radio in a single system-on-a-chip solution
  • Sharp and Broadcom deliver innovative Bluetooth technology to digital televisions
  • Qualcomm and Broadcom reach settlement and patent agreement
  • Broadcom's integrated MoCA system-on-a-chip reference design receives MoCA certification
  • Industry's most integrated Wi-Fi router chip raises the performance bar of entry-level products
  • Broadcom announces family of next generation DOCSIS/Euro-DOCSIS 3.0-based silicon solutions
  • Broadcom to introduce GPON integrated access device semiconductors in China
  • Top OEMs "Go Green" with Broadcom's 65nm SMB switch family
  • Delivers world's first Bluetooth + WiFi combo solution for notebooks, netbooks and ultramobile PCs
  • Broadcom's Crystal HD solution enables high quality, high definition media playback
  • Accelerates enterprise wireless networks with industry's first end-to-end unified WLAN solution
  • LG Electronics selects Broadcom's DTV solution for new LCD and plasma "Broadband HDTVs".
  • Broadcom lights up the cloud with industry's first complete silicon solution for the network core
  • Combo chip and software achieve Bluetooth qualification to newly ratified Bluetooth v3.0 + HS specification
  • New Senior Vice President: Neil Kim becomes Senior Vice President of Operations and Central Engineering for Broadcom, combining the two groups into a single, highly efficient organization

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
7,402 $4.66B 3,100


  • Broadcom showcases the DLNA-enabled connected home.
  • Super resolution technology enables high quality viewing of low resolution media content.
  • New combo chip integrates 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM to bring multimedia applications to mobile devices.
  • 10 Gig Ethernet controller supports world's first LAN-on-motherboard solution.
  • New digital television solution supports global connectivity.
  • DTV chips support home network connectivity for access to Internet-based multimedia content and personal digital content stored throughout the home.
  • Turnkey enterprise 802.11n WLAN solution combines Broadcom's industry-leading Intensi-fi silicon and FASTPATH networking software.
  • Industry's first quad speed 65 nm 10GBASE-T transceiver completes Broadcom's end-to-end 10 GbE portfolio.
  • Broadcom StrataXGS 4 65 nm switch family - a high performance, scalable single hardware platform for enterprise, data center and service provider networks.
  • Industry's first family of 65nm single-chip Gig Ethernet switches helps small business networks go green.
  • Groundbreaking Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR single-chip solution with significant performance upgrades and enhanced features for mobile handset.
  • Industry's first single-chip HD set-top box solution with China AVS support.
  • New turnkey Blu-ray Disc reference design for newest generation of Blu-ray optical disc players.
  • Industry's most advanced HD AVC/MPEG encoder/transcoder enables the PC to function as a multimedia gateway in the connected home.
  • Partners with Microsoft to enable Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV client software to operate on next-generation set-top boxes utilizing Broadcom solutions.
  • AMD's Digital TV Business (Markham, ON) Technology: IC and software for DTV
  • Sunext Design, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA) Technology: Optical drive technologies
  • New Leadership: Scott A. Bibaud, VP/GM of Broadcom's Wireless Personal Area Networking (PAN) group, has been appointed SVP/GM of Broadcom's Mobile Platforms Group (MPG).
  • Awards: Broadcom's new VideoCore III multimedia processor is awarded 2007 Product of the Year by Electronic Products Magazine.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
6,347 $3.78B 2,477


  • Enters Media PC market with advanced PC solutions for Blu-ray Disc, HD Downloads, and Broadcasts.
  • Nokia selects Broadcom's advanced singlechip cellular baseband processor and power management for EDGE phones.
  • Introduces complete DTV receiver system designed to meet the NTIA's digital-to-analog converter box program.
  • Industry's first 65-nm Gigabit Ethernet switches.
  • Industry's most advanced 65-nm solution for next generation cable, satellite, and IP set-top boxes.
  • Introduces its first single-chip GPS solution for mobile applications.
  • World's first full-featured, single-chip 802.11n solution.
  • Industry's first low power multimedia processor that enables a HD video camcorder, 12-megapixel camera and HD playback in cellphones and portable media players.
  • Samsung selects Broadcom's advanced 3G solutions and power management for handsets.
  • World's first "3G Phone-on-a-Chip" solution, incorporating a HSPA processor and all the 3G cellular and mobile technologies on a low power, single 65-nm CMOS die.
  • Industry's first Bluetooth headset solution with noise cancellation.
  • Industry's most advanced real-time, HD video/audio encoder/transcoder single-chip solution, allowing music and video to be shared between entertainment devices.
  • Partners with Electronic Arts to deliver high performance gaming on mobile phones using Broadcom's VideoCore.
  • Joins the S60 Product Creation Community, advancing its smartphone solutions in collaboration with the world's leading Mobile Open OS platform.
  • Enables innovative applications in home entertainment with new solution that combines popular Broadcom Bluetooth wireless solutions with the company's industry leading digital cable and satellite television set-top box (STB) technologies.
  • Global Locate, Inc. (San Jose, CA)
    Technology: IC and software for GPS and AGPS
  • Octalica, Inc. (Newton Centre, MA)
    Technology: MoCA Home Networking over Coaxial
  • Recognized: Ranked among the world's top five merchant 3G baseband suppliers by iSuppli Corporation.
  • New CFO: Eric K. Brandt, former chief financial officer of Allergan, Inc., joins Broadcom as new Senior Vice President and CFO.
  • Expansion: Broadcom moves into its newly built Irvine, CA headquarters in University Research Park, occupying eight new buildings with over 700,000 square feet.
  • Expansion: Broadcom opens new campus in San Diego, CA.
  • Expansion: In collaboration with Microsoft, Broadcom expands its cellular design center in Taiwan to drive development of next generation Microsoft Windows Mobile smart phones.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
5,233 $3.67B 1,890


  • World's first 7.2-Mbps true single-chip HSDPA mobile phone processor.
  • Achieves market leadership in Bluetooth for mobile phones and launches world's first single-chip Bluetooth + FM radio device.
  • Achieves market leadership in Bluetooth for mobile phones and launches world's first single-chip Bluetooth + FM radio device.
  • Industry's first Wi-Fi solutions designed to comply with IEEE 802.11n draft specification.
  • World's first Wi-Fi video phone chipset.
  • Industry's first complete Blu-ray/HD DVD system-on-a-chip solution for universal media players.
  • Industry's first single-chip, 65-nm high-definition 1080p digital TV solution.
  • Enters applications processor market with first mobile solution combining multimedia and an applications processor.
  • Enters the portable power management market with first power management unit (PMU).
  • Advances the wireless gaming experience with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies integrated into Nintendo's Wii game console.
  • Sandburst Corporation (Andover, MA) Technology: Enterprise & Metro Ethernet Networks
  • LVL7 Systems, Inc. (Morrisville, NC) Technology: Software for IP/Ethernet Networks
  • Expansion: Broadcom headquarters now encompass Alton and Discovery Campuses with a total of 8 buildings; scheduled move to new URP campus is Q1 2007.
  • Expansion: Broadcom opens second office in Andover, MA. Internationally, new design center established in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  • Stock: February 22nd, 3-for-2 stock split.
  • A reorganization: Broadcom splits the Mobile & Wireless Group and appoints two Vice Presidents; Robert A. Rango, Senior VP and GM of the Wireless Connectivity Group and Yossi Cohen, Senior VP and GM, Mobile Platforms Group.
  • Broadcom celebrates 15 years of innovation.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
4,110 $2.67B 1,213


  • Industry's most advanced high-definition television (HDTV) chip that supports both analog and digital reception.
  • RAIDCore controller cards achieve an unprecedented industry's first with over 1 gigabyte per second GB/s throughput.
  • New single-chip mobile VoIP processor for Wi-Fi phones.
  • Industry's first ADSL2+/VDSL2 multimode chipsets featuring channel bonding capabilities for central office and CPE.
  • First Gigabit Ethernet IP phone chip.
  • World's first integrated Ethernet switch solutions featuring embedded security, IPv6 routing, and wireless LAN support.
  • Alliant Networks, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA) Technology: Cellular (Networking and Internet Connectivity)
  • Zeevo, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) Technology: Bluetooth for Wireless Headsets
  • Siliquent Technologies, Inc. (Mountain View, CA & Tel Aviv, Israel) Technology: 10-Gigabit Ethernet (Server Networking and Networking Storage)
  • Athena Semiconductors, Inc. (Fremont, CA & Athens, Greece) Technology: Mobile and WLAN
  • New leadership: Scott A. McGregor, former president and chief executive officer of Phillips Semiconductors, joins Broadcom as new president and CEO.
  • Expansion: Broadcom opens new offices in Andover, MA. Internationally, design centers are established in Bangalore, Cambridge, and Copenhagen.
  • Awards: IDC recognizes Broadcom as the fastest growing enterprise IP phone chip supplier.
  • NASDAQ market open: On May 10, McGregor initiates this day of trading during the official Opening Bell ceremony.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
3,257 $2.40B 779


  • Enters consumer TV market with industry's first single-chip dual-channel HD video/audio/ graphics PVR solution.
  • World's first C-NIC GbE controller, integrating iSCSI, RDMA, TCP/IP offload engine and remote system management functionality on a single network fabric chip for servers.
  • Industry's first single-chip solution integrating all required system features for entry-level settop DBS boxes.
  • Unprecedented level of integration reached with industry's first single-chip 24-port Fast Ethernet switch.
  • Industry's first GHz quad-core broadband processor.
  • Industry's most integrated Wi-Fi router processor with 54g wireless LAN routing, Fast Ethernet switching, accelerated VPN security, and MIPS processor.
  • Alphamosaic (Cambridge, UK) Technology: Mobile Imaging, Multimedia, and 3D Graphics
  • RAIDCore, Inc. (Nashua, NH) Technology: Enterprise-Class RAID Software (SATA)
  • M-Stream, Inc. (Kfar-Saba, Israel) Technology: Cellular for Voice, Video, Music and Multimedia
  • Sand Video, Inc. (Andover, MA) Technology: Video Compression
  • WIDCOMM, Inc. (San Diego, Germantown, Taipei, Tokyo, Paris) Technology: Bluetooth
  • Zyray Wireless, Inc. (San Diego, CA) Technology: Mobile (Advanced Imaging, Multimedia & 3D)
  • Expansion: Broadcom begins plans to relocate headquarters to UCI's University Research Park (URP).
  • Awards: Broadcom named "Most Respected Public Fabless Company" by Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA) for the fourth time in the past seven years.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
2,666 $1.61B 416


  • 54g wireless LAN reference designs achieve Wi-Fi Certification for 802.11b interoperability and are selected by Dell for Latitude notebooks.
  • Strategic partnership with Ningbo Bird, the largest local supplier of cellular phone handsets in China.
  • Broadcom's cellular phone technology powers the Handspring Treo 600 smartphone.
  • Broadcom ships world's first single-chip Wi-Fi solution.
  • Apple selects advanced Bluetooth technology for their new wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Motorola selects single-chip Broadcom Bluetooth solutions for their latest family of mobile phones.
  • AT&T Wireless launches national high-speed wireless network using Broadcom's EDGE technology.
  • Gadzoox Networks, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) Technology: Storage Networking
  • Awards: Henry Samueli is named to the National Academy of Engineering for his pioneering contributions to academic research and technology entrepreneurship in the development of semiconductors for use in broadband communications.
  • A reorganization: Broadcom restructures its business units and appoints four Vice Presidents:
    • Thomas F. Lagatta, VP and GM of the Client Server Networking Business Unit
    • Robert A. Rango, VP and GM of the Network Infrastructure Business Unit
    • Ford G. Tamer, Ph.D., VP and GM of the Switching and Security
    • Daniel A. Marotta, VP and GM of the Broadband Communications Business Unit
  • Advertising: Broadcom launches its first ever advertising campaign.
  • New leadership: Henry Nicholas resigns as president and chief executive officer of Broadcom. Alan "Lanny" Ross becomes interim CEO.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
2,500 $1.08B 246


  • Enters 802.11 WLAN market and ships industry's first 54g wireless chipset for business, home, and public access.
  • Industry's first single-chip IP phone solution for enterprise networks.
  • NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet controller boosts performance of Compaq Evo workstation and desktop computers.
  • StrataXGS switch architecture enables new class of stackable, multilayer Gigabit Ethernet switches at a cost structure comparable to Fast Ethernet switches.
  • BladeRunner 12-port, full-rate ADSL CO chipset features breakthrough port density and low power technologies (less than 1 watt per port).
  • First to offer low-cost solution for two-way, high-speed Internet access over satellite.
  • Leading server manufacturers - IBM, HP, and Dell - adopt Broadcom's Ethernet technology for their blade server designs.
  • Mobilink Telecom, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) Technology: Cellular Phones, Cellular Modem Cards and PDAs.
  • New leadership: Alan "Lanny" Ross, a member of Broadcom's Board of Directors, assumes a full-time role as interim Chief Operating Officer in charge of internal operations.
  • Expansion: Broadcom opens Mathilda office in Sunnyvale, CA.
  • Awards: SiByte processor wins Analyst's Choice award for "Best High-Performance Embedded Processor."

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
2,711 $961.8M 73


  • World's first single-chip IP phone solution enables development of toll-quality IP phones with very low power consumption.
  • Industry's first all-CMOS Bluetooth radio device for CDMA and 3G wireless phones.
  • All-CMOS silicon tuner first to receive CableLabs DOCSIS certification.
  • EchoStar endorses new satellite chip technology that increases bandwidth by up to 50 percent.
  • Dell ships industry's first servers with Broadcom-embedded Gigabit Ethernet network connection on motherboard.
  • Industry's highest performance 64-bit MIPS-based, multiprocessor solution for broadband networking.
  • VisionTech, Ltd. (Herzliya, Israel) Technology: MPEG-2 (Compression and Decompression)
  • ServerWorks Corporation (Santa Clara, CA) Technology: I/O Circuits for Servers, Workstations, Storage
  • PortaTec Corporation (Quebec, Canada) Technology: Wireless Data Communications
  • Kimalink (El Segundo, CA) Technology: Integrated Circuits for Wireless
  • Expansion: Broadcom opens Mission College office in Santa Clara, CA.
  • Awards: PC Magazine recognizes Broadcom's home networking chips with the "Innovation and Technical Excellence" award.

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
2,391 $1.10B 21


  • New Blutonium chip family includes industry's first all-CMOS stand-alone Bluetooth radio device.
  • Industry's first end-to-end chipset for terrestrial HDTV.
  • World's first gigabit Ethernet controller with PCI-X support.
  • First cable modem gateway to receive CableLabs certification uses Broadcom's home networking technology.
  • Gigabit Ethernet transceiver chips standard on all of Apple's new Power MAC G4 systems.
  • Enters optical networking market with world's first 10-Gigabit 4-channel CMOS Transceiver.
  • Digital Furnace Corporation (Atlanta, GA) Technology: Software - Video (Cable Modems, Broadband Networks)
  • Stellar Semiconductor, Inc. (San Jose, CA) Technology: Video, 3D Graphics for Set-Top Boxes, TV
  • BlueSteel Networks (Mountain View, CA) Technology: Encryption
  • Pivotal Technologies Corporation (Pasadena, CA) Technology: Digital Video Interface & Wireless
  • Innovent Systems, Inc. (El Segundo and San Diego, CA) Technology: RF Integrated Circuits for Wireless
  • PICCO-Puyallup Integrated Circuit Company, Inc. (Seattle, WA) Technology: IC Design
  • NewPort Communications, Inc. (Irvine, CA) Technology: Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits for High-Speed Communications
  • Silicon Spice, Inc. (San Jose, CA) Technology: IC and Software for WLANs
  • Element 14, Inc. (Cambridge & Bristol, UK and Mechelen, Belgium) Technology: DSL Chipsets and Software
  • Allayer Communications (San Jose, CA) Technology: Enterprise and Optical Networking
  • SiByte, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) Technology: Broadband Networking
  • Expansion: Broadcom extends its headquarters to Discovery and opens offices in San Jose, Duluth, and Richmond, B.C.
  • Stock: Broadcom joins the S&P 500

Revenue U.S. and Foreign Patents and Applications
$2.06B (Q1 2015) > 20,650 (Q1 2015)


  • Broadcom introduces powerful new StrataDNX™ switch SoCs for carrier and data center networks
  • Broadcom powers first Ultra HD Android TV set-top box
  • Broadcom closes on land purchase for new Irvine corporate campus
  • Broadcom announces next generation Ultra HD devices with MoCA 2.0 IP interface
  • Broadcom announces first upstream diagnostic analyzer technology for cable operators
  • Broadcom introduces industry’s first 5G WiFi Combo Chip with real simultaneous dual band support
  • Broadcom announces industry’s first fully integrated chip for virtual customer premise equipment
  • Broadcom announces industry’s first 5 Gbps chipset for microwave backhaul
  • Broadcom and UC Irvine announce Technology and Entrepreneurship Achievement Competition
  • Broadcom accelerates cable gateway development with new RDK software support for DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 portfolio
  • Broadcom develops ultra-compact set-top box platform with integrated 4x4 Wi-Fi
  • Broadcom unleashes gigabit speeds for consumer cable modems
  • Broadcom debuts multi-standard ultra HD chip family
  • Broadcom announces new 5G WiFi chips and SoCs for routers, gateways and set-top boxes
  • Broadcom expands low-power ODU satellite device portfolio
  • Broadcom grows connected car portfolio with automotive near field communication chip
  • Broadcom introduces industry’s most power efficient automotive Ethernet chip

Revenue U.S. and Foreign Patents and Applications
$8.43B (2014) > 20,000 (Q4)


  • Broadcom delivers industry’s first high-density 25/100 Gigabit Ethernet switch for cloud-scale networks
  • Broadcom Foundation and Society for Science & the Public announce 30 finalists in 2014 Broadcom MASTERS middle school STEM competition
  • Broadcom announces industry's first global navigation and sensor hub combo chip
  • Broadcom Foundation and Computer History Museum introduce Design_Code_Build program for middle school STEM education
  • Broadcom announces world’s first single-chip hybrid direct broadcast satellite terrestrial and IP devices for set-top boxes with integrated HEVC and MoCA 2.0
  • Broadcom combo chip doubles Wi-Fi performance for high-end smartphones and tablets
  • Broadcom announces WICED Sense to grow Internet of Things applications
  • Telefonica leverages Broadcom technology for Ultra HD IPTV broadcasts
  • Broadcom extends small cell leadership with new devices for residential, enterprise and outdoor markets
  • Broadcom powers world’s fastest home Wi-Fi router from NETGEAR
  • Broadcom enables Ultra HD broadcast of 2014 World Cup Games
  • Broadcom announces new combo chips for next-generation wearables
  • Broadcom announces new multiport 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch for embedded connectivity
  • Broadcom introduces multi-standard wireless charging SoC for smartphones
  • Broadcom doubles Wi-Fi speed of devices with first six stream 802.11ac MIMO platform
  • Broadcom and ShanghaiTech University announce an alliance to create a Wi-Fi City Program and Internet of Things Joint Innovation Center
  • Broadcom high definition SoC enables on-demand cable television throughout China
  • Broadcom announces Open Network Function Virtualization (NFV) platform
  • Broadcom Internet of Things platform powers Haier’s new smart appliances
  • Broadcom innovation powers ultra-fast gigabit home gateway
  • Broadcom introduces new cost-efficient routers with ADSL and VDSL2
  • Broadcom expands satellite device portfolio for operators
  • Broadcom expands HEVC portfolio with entry-level satellite set-top box SoCs
  • Broadcom launches enhanced 5G WiFi video streaming for the home
  • New Broadcom WICED SDK supports high-definition audio streaming over Wi-Fi

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
~12,550 (Q4) $8.315B (2013) Over 9,000 (Q4)


  • Broadcom announces new GNSS location chip with support for Chinese BeiDou satellite system
  • Broadcom announces automotive bluetooth software stack for seamless in-car Android connectivity
  • Broadcom announces Bluetooth Smart SoC with wireless charging support for growing wearable market
  • Broadcom quad-core baseband and connectivity platform to power new HTC Android smartphone
  • Broadcom completes acquisition of LTE-related assets from affiliates of Renesas Electronics Corporation
  • Broadcom targets accelerating wearable market with wireless connectivity for embedded device (WICED) offerings
  • Broadcom announces new StrataXGS® switch to lead 10 Gigabit Ethernet into mobile backhaul networks
  • Broadcom introduces new Quad-Core HSPA+ processor
  • Broadcom launches world’s highest performance multi-core communications processors
  • Broadcom announces Michael Hurlston as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales
  • Broadcom introduces world’s fastest and lowest power 100G transmitter PHY
  • Broadcom 5G WiFi powers new HTC One® smartphone
  • Broadcom introduces industry’s smallest 4G LTE-advanced modem for smartphone and tablet market
  • Broadcom unveils world’s first Ultra HD TV home gateway chip
  • Broadcom powers new Comcast X1 cloud-based TV experience
  • Broadcom enables first LG 5G WiFi digital televisions
  • Broadcom powers world’s first Android 4.0 set-top box with Google Mobile Services
  • Broadcom announces Dr. Ting Wei Li as SVP of Sales and President of Greater China

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
~11,300 (Q4) $2.08B (Q4) Over 7,800 (Q4)


  • Broadcom launches industry's first certified NFC quad-combo wireless connectivity solution
  • Broadcom introduces world's first 28nm heterogeneous knowledge-based processors
  • Broadcom and Hyundai Motor power next-generation connected car
  • Broadcom Foundation and Society for Science & the Public announce winners of second annual Broadcom MASTERS® national science fair competition
  • Broadcom delivers world's first 28nm multicore communications processor series
  • Broadcom introduces 5G WiFi combo chip for smartphones and tablets
  • Dr. Henry Samueli wins prestigious 2012 Marconi Society Prize and Fellowship
  • Broadcom announces industry's lowest power, highest performance 100GbE multi-rate gearbox PHYs
  • Dr. Henry Samueli named Chairman of Broadcom's Board of Directors
  • Broadcom launches first hybrid gateway SoC to securely deliver broadcast and web services
  • Broadcom introduces world's first microwave outdoor unit delivering performance and backhaul
  • Broadcom introduces new location architecture with advanced multi-constellation and indoor positioning support
  • Broadcom completes acquisitions of BroadLight and NetLogic Microsystems, Inc.
  • Broadcom announces industry's first integrated MoCA® 2.0 system-on-a-chip portfolio
  • Broadcom launches first gigabit speed 802.11ac chips with 5th generation (5G) Wi-Fi breakthrough

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
~10,000 $7.39 B Over 6,000


  • Broadcom pioneers breakthrough in digital cable tuner design with Full-Band Capture technology.
  • Broadcom enters Gartner's top 10 semiconductor ranking for the first time.
  • Recognized in FORTUNE's 2011 "World's Most Admired Companies" survey as the innovation leader in the semiconductor category.
  • Broadcom dramatically expands bandwidth for 4G mobile backhaul with latest high performance switching silicon.
  • Broadcom announces industry's first quad 10GbE SFP+ PHY with MACsec.
  • Broadcom fuels 10GbE adoption with world's first dual-port 10GBASE-T adapter with full offload.
  • Broadcom's new smartphone chip delivers Android™ with advanced graphics at an affordable price point.
  • Broadcom's new combo chip integrates 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 + HS and FM to bring new multimedia applications to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Broadcom announces smartphone baseband chip with HSPA+ cellular modem and Merlyn™ applications processor capable of 1080p video and graphics.
  • Broadcom delivers new fibre channel over Ethernet (FCoE) solution on world's fastest converged network adapter platform.
  • Broadcom completes acquisition of SC Squared Ltd.
  • Broadcom gains microwave transmission technology with acquisition of Provigent, Inc.
  • Broadcom announces intent to acquire NetLogic Microsystems, Inc., a leader in network communications processors.
  • Broadcom introduces the first NFC chips in 40nm.
  • Broadcom launches the first VDSL2 Central Office SoC with integrated G.vector to improve network performance.
  • Broadcom introduces world's broadest automotive Ethernet product portfolio - ushers in next generation connected car
  • Broadcom receives IEEE standards association corporate award for 2011
  • Broadcom honored with two EDN China innovation awards
  • Broadcom wins a 2012 CES innovations design and engineering award

Headcount Revenue U.S. Patents
8,942 $6.82B 4,800


  • Broadcom completes acquisition of Gigle Networks Inc.
  • Broadcom announces industry's smallest and most powerful multi-port single-chip 10G Ethernet converged controllers.
  • Broadcom announces new Android™ platform to enable mass market smartphones.
  • Broadcom announces new embedded NFC tag technology to simplify wireless device connectivity.
  • Broadcom announces industry's first 40nm HD full-resolution 3DTV video gateway STB SoC solution
  • Broadcom optimizes ethernet-based networks with end-to-end IEEE 1588 solution.
  • Broadcom completes its acquisition of Beceem Communications, Inc.
  • Broadcom completes Acquisition of Percello Ltd.
  • Broadcom introduces industry's first ethernet switching silicon for 100 Tbps scalable systems.
  • Broadcom announces its complete hardware and software GPON residential gateway solution supporting Ethernet, VoIP, WLAN and IPTV.
  • Broadcom selected for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Wi-Fi Direct™ test suite and among the first to obtain certification.
  • Broadcom Foundation and the Samueli Foundation host National Lab Day aimed at Matching Orange County Teachers and Students with Volunteer Scientists and Engineers.
  • Broadcom delivers industry's Broadest Portfolio of Energy Efficient Ethernet Silicon Solutions.
  • Broadcom Foundation partners with Society for Science & the Public, announces Broadcom MASTERS™ National Middle School Science and Engineering Competition.
  • Broadcom expands its leadership in enabling Digital TV Transitions in South America.
  • Broadcom supports Bluetooth® version 4.0 across its leading Bluetooth portfolio.
  • Broadcom delivers a superior multimedia applications experience over Wi-Fi.
  • Broadcom demonstrates Android™ support across its wireless connectivity products.
  • Broadcom introduces world's fastest single-chip Ethernet switch.
  • Broadcom acquires Innovision Research & Technology PLC.
  • Broadcom names industry veteran Rajiv Ramaswami Executive Vice President & General Manager, Infrastructure & Networking Group.