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Broadcom Announces Industry's Most Advanced High Definition Television Chip That Supports Both Analog and Digital Reception

LAS VEGAS, 2005 International CES, Jan 07, 2005 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor solutions enabling broadband communications, today announced a highly integrated, single-chip solution for televisions that enables consumer electronics manufacturers to develop complete lines of affordable televisions that support analog, high definition (HD), standard definition (SD) and digital cable television programming featuring superior video, audio and graphics quality.

"Television manufacturers are being faced with the added costs of transitioning their entire product lines over to support both analog and digital television signals for cable and broadcast channels," said Daniel Marotta, Group Vice President of Broadcom's Broadband Communications Group. "Our single-chip TV solution greatly reduces the complexity and cost of the system design, enabling manufacturers to transition their entire product lines to affordable high-quality analog/digital televisions in a variety of size and display options."

"The FCC is mandating that all televisions 13-inches or larger must have a digital tuner by July 2007. This mandate places significant cost pressures on television manufacturers to deliver televisions that not only support digital television, but also support all of the hundreds of analog channels still being distributed by operators," said Michelle Abraham, In-Stat Senior Analyst. "By offering a single-chip digital TV (DTV) solution that supports both digital and analog reception, Broadcom is enabling television manufacturers to economically address the industry conversion to DTV."

The Broadcom® BCM3560 television-on-a-chip represents the television industry's first single-chip solution that is compatible with the National Television Systems Committee (NTSC) analog standard, the North American digital terrestrial or Advanced Television System Committee (ATSC) digital standard, and the digital cable television standard. The BCM3560 also integrates video processing functions that allow manufacturers to customize the video output to support multiple television displays, including liquid crystal displays (LCD), plasma displays, cathode ray tube (CRT) displays and projection technology. This capability, coupled with additional features offered in the BCM3560 chip, guarantees high-quality picture and sound, and significantly decreases the number of chips required in a TV system, making it more cost effective for manufacturers to build televisions that support both analog and digital reception.

BCM3560 Product Technology

The BCM3560 is a complete television-on-a-chip that integrates both analog and digital receivers compliant with NTSC, ATSC and digital cable television standards. Advanced features in the BCM3560 include picture-in-picture (PIP) capabilities, an advanced 3-D comb Y/C standard separation circuit, a multi-field de-interlace circuit, proprietary picture improvement functions, digital and analog video output interfaces and video scalars. The integrated ATSC receiver uses an advanced system architecture that enables the chip to reliably acquire, track and demodulate signals in the presence of interference or a wide range of varying multi-path channel conditions that experience the presence of noise. The on-chip IF demodulator, dual NTSC analog video decoders, broadcast stereo decoder and HD decoder enable the televisions to support a multitude of picture-in-picture combinations.

Broadcom's proprietary and highly flexible video processing technology ensures that the BCM3560 device offers a clear, sharp and color rich display on traditional CRTs, flat panel displays (LCDs, plasmas) and rear projection systems. The BCM3560 includes support for analog input signals from external devices such as DVD players and VCRs with its ability to directly accept composite, S-video and high definition (HD) as well as standard definition (SD) component input signals. Digital input signals are supported by the integrated high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) receiver, providing an industry standard interface to other high definition video and multi-channel audio consumer electronics for providing a crystal-clear digital quality audio and video connection over a single cable.

The BCM3560 also incorporates a 250 MHz MIPS32™ CPU and Broadcom's 2D graphics engine, which enables the rich graphical user interface that is expected for high-quality consumer electronic products. Additional system cost savings are offered by the numerous system functions added to the BCM3560, which include extensive analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, interfaces for memory, smart cards, a high-speed interface supporting a high-speed 1394 connection, integrated memory and a flexible interface bus to support additional connectivity, including wireless and USB connections. These additional features enable Broadcom's customers to be even more competitive in the HD television market.

Broadcom also has available a comprehensive set of reference software and development tools to complement the BCM3560's integrated features and minimize system development time and complexity for television manufacturers.

Pricing and Availability

The BCM3560 will be sampling to early access customers during the first quarter of 2005. Pricing is available upon request.

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