Bluetooth® Communications Software for Windows®

Bluetooth™ for Windows® (BCM1000-BTW) is a Broadcom communications software solution for adding Bluetooth wireless technology to Windows operating system platforms. BCM1000-BTW enables PC OEMs and accessory manufacturers to quickly and easily add Bluetooth wireless technology to desktop and notebook PCs. This innovative solution is fully compliant with the Bluetooth 1.2 protocol specification and leverages Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB) conformance testing into your product.

The BCM1000-BTW includes USB, device driver, protocol stack, integrated user interface, application programming interfaces (APIs), support and test tools, and documentation. The BCM1000-BTW is designed to operate on any personal computer and has been optimized to support Broadcom's Blutonium chipsets. The BCM1000-BTW provides simple integration, powerful diagnostics and the shortest possible time to market, exactly what you'd expect from the experts at developing Bluetooth HCI-compliant wireless technology solutions.

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  • The BCM1000-BTW comes complete in object code for the Protocol Stack (L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM, OBEX, PPP, BTMBluetooth Manager), Bluetooth Profiles, USB device driver, user interface, on-line help, context-sensitive help, API, test and diagnostic tool, selective suspend support, documentation and localization support for seventeen languages.
  • Bluetooth 1.2 Specification compliant.
  • The BCM1000-BTW is a proven turnkey software solution and includes the upper layer Bluetooth protocol stack including profile support, hardware interface drivers, user interface and integration support to ensure the successful launch of Bluetooth enabled Windows computers. In addition, Broadcom offers application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow third-party application providers to write Bluetooth enabled applications for Windows operating system platform
  • The BCM1000-BTW has been optimized for use with Blutonium silicon solutions. By offering a total software and hardware solution, Broadcom can ensure product functionality and enable fast time to market.

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