Advanced Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Bluetooth® Solution

The BCM2042 is a major breakthrough in the design of low-cost Bluetooth mouse and keyboard devices. The BCM2042 is a true single chip that integrates the entire profile, application, and Bluetooth protocol stack and is fully compliant with the Bluetooth SIG specification for human interface devices. The BCM2042 is fully compliant with the version 2.0 Bluetooth specification, including adaptive frequency hopping and fast connection, which are essential to mouse and keyboard applications in personal computers.

Integration is key to achieving the system cost targets of today's PC OEMs. By integrating all components within today's mouse and keyboard into the BCM2042, low system costs can be achieved to approach the price points of legacy-wired mice and keyboards. The BCM2042 can interface directly to mouse optical or ball encoders and keyboard scan matrices.

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  • Single-chip Bluetooth device with fully integrated Human Interface Device (HID) profile and full Bluetooth stack
  • On-board 8051 processor and RAM/ROM memory
  • Cost-optimized solution for mouse and keyboard applications that achieves the lowest possible cost through the integration of all external components
  • Replaces existing mouse or keyboard processor and memory and adds Bluetooth functionality