Advanced Single-Chip Bluetooth Solution

The Blutonium® BCM2045 is the next generation of Broadcom's leading line of single-chip solutions for Bluetooth applications, designed from the ground-up to promote and enable the adoption of Bluetooth in phones, computers, peripherals and other devices. The chip addresses every major challenge confronting equipment manufacturers when adopting Bluetooth wireless technology, including power consumption, board space, radio performance and cost. Designed in the 0.13 micron manufacturing process, the BCM2045 can provide advantages in all these areas that are unmatched by competing devices made with older technologies.

In addition to best-in-class power and performance, the BCM2045 also features the highest level of integration in the industry, including on-chip balun, resulting in an approximately 50% lower OEM/ODM external bill of materials and significantly smaller printed circuit board space utilization versus competing Bluetooth solutions. The chip also supports the new Bluetooth Extended Data Rate (EDR), providing raw bandwidth of 3 Megabits per second for wireless applications. In addition, Broadcom's InConcert® interference avoidance technology reduces possible disruption from nearby Wi-Fi® products, which operate in the same 2.4 GHz radio frequency as Bluetooth.

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  • Integrates radio and baseband onto a single chip for lowest external bill-of-materials in the industry
  • Leverages 0.13 micron manufacturing process for lowest power consumption in its class
  • Features Extended Data Rate technology for triple boost in Bluetooth data rate
  • Tight integration with industry-leading WIDCOMM Bluetooth software