Single-Chip Bluetooth® 4.0 HCI Solution with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Support

The Broadcom BCM20702 is a single-chip Bluetooth processor with a high performance integrated 2.4-GHz RF transceiver. It is fully compliant with Bluetooth 4.0 and all prior standard features. The BCM20702 offers unmatched integration, including on-board memory for a very small footprint and low cost of implementing a Bluetooth system.

The BCM20702 has an architecture that has been designed to take advantage of the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) standard, enabling both modes in PCs and consumer electronics devices. Its superior integrated RF design enables much higher output power and lower input sensitivity, with the built-in Class 1 PA (capable of transmitting +10 dBm output power) able to support a 2.5V power supply. Together with Broadcom's leading Packet Loss Concealment (PLC) technology, which reduces packet loss and bit error rates, the BCM20702 can effectively combat interference and reduce dropped connections that result from distance and physical obstructions. These translate directly into higher and more reliable throughput, greater link-range and superior audio performance.

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  • Broadcom's smallest package, lowest power consumption, and highest performance Bluetooth 4.0 solution
  • Maximizes range and simplifies system integration by providing exceptional output power and receiver sensitivity
  • Processed with 65-nm LP CMOS technology
  • Built-in power amplifier to support class 1 transmit output power
  • Wide Band Speech support and packet loss concealment for superior voice quality