Entry-Level ADSL2+ Router

The BCM6318 family is an entry-level, single-chip ADSL2+ router that enables the realization of cost-effective routers or gateways supporting wireless and small-packet routing concurrent with multiport Ethernet switching.

The primary BCM6318 processing engine is a 333 MHz MIPS32®, with a 64 KB four-way I-cache and a 32 KB D-cache. Additionally, the BCM6318 integrates a Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch with four integrated EEE 10/100 Ethernet ports and one RGMII interface. A USB 2.0 host/device port is also available for connectivity to USB peripherals.

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  • Integrated multimode ADSL2+ transceiver and AFE
  • MIPS processor core
  • 16-bit SDR/DDR1 SDRAM interface
  • Hardware ATM/PTM SAR
  • Integrated five-port Ethernet switch with four integrated 10/100 Auto-MDIX Ethernet PHYs
  • Integrated PCIe interface for direct connection to IEEE 802.11n MAC/PHY/radio