Integrated DOCSIS® 2.0 Single-Chip 2-Line VoIP Cable Modem

The BCM3368 is the industry's most integrated solution for DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS™ 2.0 VoIP cable modem applications. With a pinout optimization that allows a low-cost PCB and advanced integration, the BCM3368 has been optimized to significantly lower the total system cost of a VoIP cable modem.

Running at 300 MHz, the advanced VIPER processor, with independent instruction and data caches, ensures the highest level of performance for both the DOCSIS modem and the VoIP, and provides enough power to run a Statefull Packet Inspection firewall and other advanced gateway features.

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  • Advanced cable modem with DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 Voice over IP
  • The BCM3368 integrates a high performance VoIP Enhanced RISC (VIPER) Processor with independent I-cache and D-cache
  • Simplified BOM with lowest overall system cost for DOCSIS VoIP Modem optimized for low cost PCBs
  • Eighth-generation technology ensures a proven, robust, and reliable solution