DOCSIS®/Euro-DOCSIS™ 3.0 Cable Gateway SoC

Broadcom's third generation DOCSIS 3.0 system-on-a-chip (SoC) combines Broadcom's Full-Band Capture (FBC), dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi and a custom applications processor, driving the proliferation of applications and advanced services throughout the home.

Responding to the industry's pursuit for advanced IP-based home networking, Broadcom's BCM3383 DOCSIS®/Euro-DOCSIS™ 3.0 cable gateway enables service providers to deliver voice, data, and video services that can be remotely managed, have an open application layer to add on new features, and offer higher throughput and greater security features.

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  • Broadcom's Full-Band Capture digital tuning technology: integrated on-chip technology directly samples and digitizes the entire 1GHz downstream spectrum of a cable plant, providing access to any channel anywhere
  • Dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi: extends the wireless network to enable a more reliable network for video distribution throughout the home. With simultaneous 2.4 and 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11 band streams, gateways can segregate data and video distribution (video having its own band), reducing interference and enabling a high-quality user experience
  • Applications processor: expands the capability of the modem and supports advanced applications without impacting the voice and gateway performance
  • Faster speed: with a multi-threaded 500MHz processor, Broadcom's new cable gateway SoC features a 50 percent increase in CPU speed
  • FastRTV™: When combined with Broadcom's set-top box SoC with fast acquisition technology, video channels can be pre-tuned and users can enjoy the experience of Broadcom's FastRTV fast channel change technology