Cable Multi-Receiver SoCs with Full-Band Capture

Broadcom's 40nm 8-QAM BCM3128 and 4-QAM BCM3124 cable multi-receiver SoCs feature Broadcom's Full-Band Capture (FBC) technology, a breakthrough in tuner design that reduces the cost to transition current cable platforms to hybrid IP-based solutions, proliferating IP content delivery and services throughout the home and to connected devices.

Full-Band Capture replaces wideband and multiple analog video tuners with one SoC for simpler, smaller, faster, and lower power designs. These solutions deliver the cable tuner density and performance that operators need to more efficiently distribute video streams and IP services to connected devices in the home ecosystem, meeting consumer demand for TV everywhere.

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  • Broadcom's FBC technology directly digitizes the entire 1GHz downstream spectrum, replacing the need for a large number of tuners with only one FBC digital tuner. Full-Band Capture technology advantages include:
  • Digital tuning: engineered with new enhanced signal processing techniques that exceed the most challenging performance requirements demanded by operators
  • Bandwidth deployment flexibility: any demodulator can tune to any frequency removing wideband "block" tuner restrictions
  • Reduced power consumption: more than 50 percent reduction with new tuner architecture
  • Faster channel change: FastRTV™ channel change technology paired with Full-Band Capture provides quick channel change regardless of frequency
  • Reduced system cost: dramatically minimizes the number of components by replacing up to 9 cable tuners in a system with only one FBC digital tuner supporting as many demodulators as required