DVB-T/T2/C Receiver with Integrated Tuner

The BCM3461 is Broadcom's first fully integrated 40nm DVB-T2 receiver - driving the deployment of digital terrestrial services in at least 28 countries throughout the world that have formally adopted this standard. Broadcom's new monolithic device enables a significantly smaller and lower cost design.

The BCM3461 combines a DVB-T, DVB-T2, and DVB-C compliant demodulator with an LNA, 1 GHz SCTE40+ terrestrial tuner, all required memory, and a MIPS M4K-based acquisition processor.

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  • Standards compliance:
    - DVB-T: ETSI EN 300 744, Nordig, D-Book, others
    - DVB-T2: ETSI EN 302 755, Nordig, D-Book, others
    - DVB-C: ETSI EN 300 429
  • Tuner:
    - Channel frequency range: 36 MHz-1002 MHz
    - Integrated LNA
    - One loop-through (LT) buffer output
    - One daisy chain (DS) buffer output
  • Dual 13-bit Sigma Delta ADCs, supports up to 8 MHz channels at low IF (4-5 MHz)
  • Integrated AVS for voltage regulation
  • Available Zapper and DVR reference designs complete with DVB software stack including MHEG

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