SD Cable STB SoC Solution

The BCM7014 is a highly integrated low-power solution combining the functionality of a complete Cable Tuner-to-NTSC/PAL converter on a single chip. It provides DVB-C QAM signal reception, with functionality targeted at SD Cable Zapper and basic applications.

This all-silicon solution minimizes part count and provides ease of manufacturing. The comprehensive integration of the 866 MHz Cable Tuner, ADCs, and DACs simplifies system design and cost and has direct interfaces to all other system components, including serial Flash (SPI), tuner (I2C), push buttons, and an infrared (IR) demodulator.

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  • Ultra Low Cost - integrated DVB-C tuner, demodulator, MPEG2 A/V decoder, regulators controller, A/V outputs and RF Modulator replacing many discrete components with a single integrated SoC for an unprecedented level of integration and cost efficiency
  • Faster Channel Surfing: Broadcom's field proven FastRTV® fast channel change technology accelerates channel switches at speeds of up to five times faster than other deployed solutions. This addresses a key pain point for consumers and operators who move to an all-digital TV service
  • Consistent Volume: new Adaptive Volume Leveling support automatically maintains constant volume across commercial, program and channel changes
  • Integrated Third Generation Silicon Tuner: field tested extensively in Indian conditions, Broadcom's BCM7014 meets Indian operator requirements and integration capabilities at lower overall costs
  • Fast Boot-up and Ultra Low Power: integrated power management controller reduces average power consumption up to 65% in a typical day and fast resume technology enable quick booting to video in as little as few seconds
  • Small Design: a 2 layer reference design achieves a size of only 4 x 2.5 inches with minimal external components
  • Software: Broadcom's field-proven reference software stack and application available in an ultra small memory footprint accelerates design, qualifications and deployment

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