High Definition Set-Top Box Client SoC with MoCA for Home Networking

The Broadcom BCM7418 client High Definition (HD) set-top box (STB) solution with integrated Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA®) support is designed for remote user interface (RUI)-based server-client IP STB applications to deploy a whole-home connected entertainment environment and offer advanced applications such as multi-room DVR.

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  • Integrated MoCA 1.1 technology enables the distribution of high quality digital multimedia content throughout the home over existing coaxial cable enabling users to securely access, store and share a wide array of digital media content including HDTV programs, video-on-demand, HD DVR recordings, Internet content, video, music, photos and voice over IP
  • Support for comprehensive software applications including RVU Alliance's remote user interface (RUI) technology, CEA-2014 RUI client, OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP), and Adobe® Flash® Platform for TV. This unique and flexible software platform enables appealing interactive digital television, networked DVR functionality and IP video applications
  • Unique HD FastRTV™ channel change acceleration technology that improves channel change speeds by up to 500 percent
  • Provides ultra high frequency (UHF) remote control for remote user interface applications, single 16 bit DDR2/3, USB 2.0 and 3D graphics support to enable dynamic and customizable user interfaces for flipping, rotating and moving images
  • Dynamic power management controllers provide efficient power management capable of managing and shutting down unused system components in real-time
  • Enables an ultra small and unobtrusive form factor