Dual Core 720p/1080p HSPA+ Baseband Processors

The BCM28145/BCM28155 HSPA+ baseband processors are highly integrated high-performance dual-core CPUs implemented in a cost effective 40 nm LP process that squarely targets today's power-conscious mobile platforms. These devices, combined with their complete reference platform, provide system designers with everything needed to bring next-generation mobile devices to market while also providing an extremely flexible platform for application, video, and multimedia developers.

BCM28145/BCM28155 devices integrate high performance dual-core ARM® Cortex-A9 processors, each with a NEON floating-point SIMD processing engine. A powerful 2D/3D graphics engine, the latest audio codecs, and advanced video and image processing capabilities are all delivered by the integrated Broadcom VideoCore-IV® technology.

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  • Advanced 2G/3G modem with support for 21/5.8 Mbps HSPA+ and Class 33 EDGE
  • Advanced applications processing subsystem
    - Dual ARM cortex-A9 processors with NEON extensions, up to 1.2 GHz per core
    - VideoCore-IV multimedia and imaging processor
    - Support for 20-Mpixel imaging, 720p (28145) /1080p (28155) video capture and playback, and accelerated 2D/3D graphics
    - Full integration of audio subsystem
  • High performance memory and peripheral interfaces
    - 400 MHz LPDDR2 memory interface (single-28145, dual-28155)
    - High-speed e.MMC/SD/SDIO and NAND interfaces
    - CPI and MIPI® CSI-2 and MIPI DPI-2, DBI-B and DBI-C DSI serial camera and display interfaces