High Definition 720p Mobile Multimedia Processor

The BCM2727 multimedia processor provides high-quality multimedia features for mobile phones and advanced media players while retaining long battery life, a combination that allows users to carry a single device for all occasions. Next generation consumer devices based on the BCM2727 can support HD video camcorder and playback, professional cameras to 12 Mpixels with advanced ISP, and high-performance 3D for advanced user interfaces, navigation displays, and mobile gaming.

Recording 720p HD video is supported in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile format, resulting in a quarter of the storage required versus MPEG-2 standards. While simultaneously recording HD 720p video and audio streams, consumption is around 450 mW, enabling HD camcorder record time of three hours for a typical system.

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  • High Definition (HD) Video with (720p) H.264 Encode and Decode, both High Profile at 30 fps and supports all major video compression algorithms, including H.263, MPEG 4/2/1, and VC-1
  • Ultra Low Power for Extended Usage with audio decode <10 mW supporting music player time of 60 hours for system and HD H.264 Video+AAC record <450 mW supporting HD camcorder capture time of over three hours for system
  • Consumer camcorder in your pocket with high-quality HD 720p video capture
  • Professional quality imaging from low-cost sensors and lens systems with high-performance ISP