Mobile Power Management Unit

The BCM59002 Power Management Unit (PMU) is a highly integrated complete power management and battery management solution optimized for GPRS, EDGE, WEDGE, and HSDPA chip sets.

The BCM59002 contains a linear charger with wall and USB inputs for Li-ion/Li-polymer batteries that supports low-cost unregulated adapters, two high-efficiency synchronous buck regulators, eleven high-performance LDOs, a backup battery charger, a Real-Time Clock, two programmable current sinks (PWMLEDs) to control LEDs, and a fuel gauge.

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  • Two fully integrated programmable 300-mA step-down switching regulators with best-in-class efficiency over a wide load range
  • Dynamic voltage management support for the Core switching regulator
  • High level of integration reduces the power management solution size and overall system cost
  • Multimode step-down switching regulators offer best-in-class efficiency