NetXtreme® Ethernet Solutions for Dell

Broadcom's NetXtreme technology is powering Dell's Ethernet I/O in its new line of PowerEdge 12th generation servers, allowing for maximized performance, efficiency and scalability. Broadcom's Ethernet adapters combine media access controllers (MACs) and physical layer transceivers (PHYs) for an integrated one-chip solution.

Product Features

  • Enables IT managers to maximize performance, efficiency and scalability of Dell 12th generation servers
  • Best-in-class performance
  • Adapters incorporate Broadcom-based MACs and PHYs, providing integrated single-chip solution for OEMs
  • PCI Express® (PCIe™) Gen2.0
  • Full line-rate performance across all ports
  • Broad OS and hypervisor support
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)**
  • IEEE 1588 time precision protocol**

Dell PowerEdge Network Adapters

Powered By Broadcom NetXtreme® Technology

Server Platform Photo Description Product Details Product Briefs
Rack & Tower Servers (NICs) Broadcom 5720 Dual-Port 1GbE Network Interface Card
  • 1 GbE / 2 Ports
  • L2 Networking
  • Dell P/N: 430-4423 (FH)
    or 430-4424 (LP)

Broadcom 5719 Quad-Port 1GbE Network Interface Card
  • 1 GbE / 4 Ports
  • L2 Networking
  • Dell P/N: 430-4425 (FH)
    or 430-4426 (LP)

Rack Servers (Rack NDC) Broadcom 5720 Quad-Port 1GbE Rack Network Daughter Card
  • 1 GbE / 4 Ports
  • L2 Networking
  • Dell P/N: 430-4418

Blade Servers (Blade NDC & Mezzanine Cards) Broadcom 5719 Quad-Port 1GbE Blade Mezzanine Adapter Card
  • 1 GbE / 4 Ports
  • L2 Networking
  • Dell P/N: 430-4730