Integrated Monolithic GPS Receiver

Provides Faster Signal Searches, Accurate Real-Time Navigation, Improved Tracking Sensitivity and Very Low Average Power Consumption

The Broadcom BCM4751 is a single-chip GPS receiver used for tracking and navigation, primarily in mobile devices. Its massively parallel, hardware correlator architecture provides faster signal searches, accurate real-time navigation, improved tracking sensitivity and very low average power consumption.

The BCM4751 integrates a number of external components that reduce the overall system cost for manufacturers and enables very small footprints when designing GPS into mobile devices. With real estate in mobile devices at a premium, a complete GPS solution, featuring the BCM4751, will use less than 30 mm² of board space, including all of the necessary components for a typical cellular phone implementation.

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  • 65 nanometer CMOS design featuring a highly integrated radio frequency (RF) and baseband processor with extremely low power consumption
  • Broadcom's smallest complete PCB footprint: 30 mm² including band-pass filter, TCXO and passives
  • High sensitivity operation
  • Increased satellite availability: supports GPS, SBAS and QZSS satellites at L1 frequency band
  • Integrated power management allowing direct connection to the battery
  • Available in both Wafer Level Ball Grid Array (WLBGA) and Fine Ball Grid Array (FBGA) packages
  • Tight integration with inertial navigation sensors

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