Integrated Multi-Constellation GNSS Receiver

Providing multi-constellation support for the GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS constellations as well as a brand new acquisition engine and architecture, the BCM4752 receiver offers faster time to fix in all scenarios, more accurate real-time navigation, faster reacquisition of signals after blockage or tunnel exits and improved sensitivity. All this while consuming half the power used by previous generation GNSS chips, which provides longer battery life.

The BCM4752 is Broadcom's third-generation multi-constellation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) solution, adding support for additional constellations. This enables customers to improve their products with the benefits of navigation support provided by up to 59 orbiting satellites. The BCM4752 provides Broadcom's second generation sensor integration technology, adding accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and altimeter outputs to the positioning engine. This brings huge improvements in deep urban navigation performance and also enables indoor positioning/navigation.

The BCM4752 is an optimized standalone GNSS solution for smartphones, mobile handsets, tablet computers, portable media players and portable navigation devices (PNDs).

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  • Industry-breakthrough acquisition engine with advanced multipath mitigation techniques provides faster time-to-first-fix performance in challenging environments, as well as a more accurate urban navigation experience
  • Multi-constellation capability collects data from four satellite constellations (GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS) simultaneously and uses the best received signals, resulting in faster signal searches and more accurate real-time navigation
  • Integration of key components such as LNA enables lowest bill of materials cost
  • The BCM4752 uses 50 percent less power than previous generations, allowing location-aware applications to remain active for longer periods of time
  • New applications such as "geofencing" that provide alerts or services based on location can be completely off-loaded from the smartphone host for ultra-low power operation
  • Ground-breaking indoor navigation through integration of Wi-Fi (including 5G WiFi), Bluetooth low energy, NFC and handset inertial sensor data into navigation applications
  • Industry-leading urban navigation by applying handset inertial sensor readings into the position computation
  • Best in class assisted GNSS (AGNSS) with both GPS and GLONASS assistance data available worldwide from Broadcom's hosted reference network

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