Integrated Monolithic GPS and GLONASS Receiver IC

The Broadcom BCM47521 is a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) single-die receiver IC, fabricated in low-power 40 nm CMOS technology.

The BCM47521 features a host-based architecture, where processing functions are split between the BCM47521 and the CPU on the host system. Demands on the host CPU are minimal and no real time requirements are imposed. To reduce system power consumption when the handset is running applications that require always-on location awareness, the BCM47521 implements on-chip geofencing, allowing the host CPU to be put into a sleep state until the handset crosses a predefined boundary, which triggers the BCM47521 to wake the host CPU.

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  • Multi-constellation capability that simultaneously uses signals from four satellite constellations (GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS) to compute each position fix
  • Very low current consumption. As little as 8 mA average current in low power mode, which is made possible by a new and flexible internal signal processing architecture
  • Low Bill of Materials (BOM) part count, which enables a very small PCB size of 16 mm², including external filter and TCXO
  • Proven firmware package with multiple advanced features:
    - Multi-Constellation Assistance Data: Always maintains fresh multi-constellation assistance data thanks to Broadcom's Location Based Services (LBS) client/server solution
    - On-chip geofencing: Movement across a predefined boundary wakes the host CPU from a power-saving sleep state
    - Advanced Sensor Integration: Seamless integration of inertial, absolute sensors, and WLAN with the position engine provides industry-leading urban navigation, indoor pedestrian navigation