Location-Based Services

Broadcom's Location-Based Services (LBS) deliver powerful, flexible and easily deployed solutions to increase AGPS performance, and enable new applications. Standards compliance ensures interoperability with all carriers and device manufacturers. Powerful, patented technologies enable maximum performance when Broadcom LBS and GPS Silicon combine in end-to-end-solutions. LBS products include:

Worldwide Reference Network (WWRN)

The WWRN has been in continuous commercial operation since 2002, when introduced as the GPS backbone of the 1st US-wide E911 network. Triple-redundant coverage of the GPS constellation is achieved with Reference Stations on every continent. The WWRN sees all the satellites, all the time, and exceeds 99.999% uptime. It provides the AGPS data basis for the AGPS Server, LTO and SLP.

AGPS Server

The AGPS Server delivers WWRN-provided GPS orbit data valid for up to 4 hrs to devices by wireless network connection, eliminating the time to "acquire satellites" from orbit directly. This speeds TTFF (time to first fix) from minutes to seconds, and enables operation in urban & indoor environments where traditional GPS fails.


GLONASS is the Russian equivalent to the U.S. GPS system, and is a complementary and alternative satellite navigation system. For example, by adding GLONASS support, the BCM2076 and BCM47511 GPS receivers will have the ability to use an additional 21 GLONASS satellites currently (24 projected in the future), on top of the existing 30 U.S. GPS satellites, nearly doubling the number of satellites that can be used for navigation. In urban areas, many GPS satellites are blocked by buildings, so the additional 21 satellites offered by the GLONASS system will provide significant improvements in location performance and accuracy over currently available GPS receivers.

Long Term Orbits (LTO)

LTO delivers orbit data for 7 days in advance, in contrast to AGPS data valid for only 4 hours. LTO enables AGPS benefits when no network is available, as long as a network has been available in the prior week. Building on WWRN and AGPS Server technical leadership and proven history, LTO has been in commercial operation since 2002.

SUPL Location Platform (SLP)

Broadcom's SLP provides AGPS data and position computation to any SUPL-Enabled Terminal (SET). Used by carriers and device manufacturers, the SLP features a SNMPv2 O&M interface, and transaction capacity to serve global markets. Hosted by Broadcom, it delivers SUPL with no infrastructure investment and fast deployment.