HyperTransport™ SystemI/O Controller with PCI Express® and SAS/SATA I/O

The HT-1100 is targeted at the volume server/blade and workstation market with the capability to efficiently span from 1-8 socket CPUs without incurring large latencies.

The HT-1100 is a highly scalable SystemI/O solution for 64-bit/32-bit processors that can be configured to meet OEM's needs for a variety of product segments. The dual-socket configuration shown on the product brief uses the HT-2100 as a tunnel to the processors. By combining the HT-1100 with the HT-2100, servers can support up to seven PCI Express Gen1 masters for a total of 32 PCI Express links. However, the HT-1100 can be used to directly connect to the processors, as shown in the upper right graphic. This allows a lower latency path to the processors and memory.

The 8x HT port can operate up to 1-GHz double data rate in both transmit and receive directions to aggregate up to a total bandwidth of 4 GBps. It is also backward-compatible to slower HyperTransport speeds.

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  • HT-1100 I/O Controller supports: HyperTransport™ Bus, PCI Express®1.1, PCI 2.3 bus (32-bit 33 MHz), USB 2.0 with debug port support, IDE, SAS/SATA, LPC (TPM 1.2-compliant), SPI, SMBus (two masters at 400 KHz), UAA HD Audio, 16550-compatible UART, Legacy-free operation with 8042 register support, Watchdog timer, ACPI 3.0a compliant
  • Integration (PCI-Express, SAS/SATA, PCI, and USB 2.0 all in one chip)
  • Multiprocessing SystemI/O controller for HyperTransport enabled processors
  • Performance, reliability, availability, scalability and modularity