With a proven track record and market leadership in set-top box technologies, Broadcom's IP STB family enables solution providers to tailor a wide range of services with Broadcom-enabled IPTV platforms. Leveraging a common architecture, Broadcom offers our customers more product choices that will enable them to rapidly deliver targeted IP STB solutions worldwide. Broadcom's hybrid IP set-top box (STB) solutions enable manufacturers to rapidly design and deploy next generation performance- and feature-optimized hybrid cable, terrestrial and digital subscriber line (DSL) IP STB products for the connected digital home.

Service providers are demanding a broader range of STB solutions to address whole-home connected entertainment environments that include a high-end media gateway in the living room along with mid-to-lower-range thin client devices in "second" rooms such as bedrooms or dens. Consumers expect more advanced features from their set-top boxes, such as shared/networked digital video recorder (DVR) capabilities, that allow multiple users to store, time shift or access content from media servers or residential gateways for playback on STBs anywhere in the home and the ability to access over-the-top content (OTT) directly from 3rd party providers. Additionally, both service providers and users demand support for more intuitive interfaces, guides and a host of new applications with a consistent look and feel across a range of STBs in the home.

Broadcom's IP STB family delivers complementary, streamlined feature sets for mid-range and thin client applications, supporting single or multi-room TV delivery and distribution. With both media server and thin client devices using this chip family, STB manufacturers can leverage a common hardware and software architecture, accelerating time-to-market for multi-room solutions.