40nm Dual-Core Hybrid Gateway SoC with Web Domain Security

Broadcom's BCM7435 shows video broadcast content streaming simultaneously (with transcoding) wirelessly to multiple devices, while concurrently supporting secure web applications. This helps operators offer new, web-based services while protecting high value broadcast content.

The BCM7435 addresses Pay-TV operator concerns for supporting open Internet applications and malware threats on highly secure Hybrid Gateways. This gives pay-TV users access to more Apps, social networking and an overall web-based TV experience.

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  • 7000 DMIPS Dual Core/ Quad Thread applications processor supporting SMP (multi-core) and AMP (multi-operating system) platforms
  • Secures web browsers and Apps stores to be delivered together with premium broadcast content while protecting overall core functions and high value content
  • Four real-time HD Transcoding streams for expanded CE device support
  • Extreme performance for more advanced 3D user interfaces and gaming applications
  • Power management capability for new energy efficiency requirements

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