Layer 7 Processors

Broadcom's NETL7™ knowledge-based processor family is optimized to perform computationally intensive content signature recognition tasks for application-based networking and network security applications. The NETL7 knowledge-based processors inspect packet contents at wire-speed and are targeted at applications ranging from high-performance enterprise and carrier-class networks to small-and-midsize businesses (SMB) networks, to enterprise/service providers. The NETL7 knowledge-based processors is capable of performing wire-speed content inspection of packets traveling through the network, and enable the design and deployment of next-generation networking systems that can make packet processing decisions based on an awareness of packet content. The ability to perform full cross-packet content inspection at or beyond 20Gbps line-rate is essential to enabling original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver new levels of performance and functionality to their customers. Common API across all NETL7 devices for seamless migration to higher performance needs.