Embedded Processors

Designed for handheld devices, Broadcom's VideoCore® technology is integrated into Applications Processors and Multimedia Processors. Broadcom's highly acclaimed VideoCoreIII has conquered 4 mobile requirements:

Video - enabling HD Camcorder technology in a phone, while storing up to H.264 High Profile compression format. For Video Playback, most formats can be shown with the option of HDMI connection to your HD TV.

Imaging - with up to 12M pixel Digital Camera with immediate storage in JPEG format at a speed of 120M pixels per second i.e. 10 full resolution pictures per second. DSLR quality using the complex and flexible Image Signal Processor to ensure sharp and well balanced photos.

3D Graphics - creates an immersive environment for Games, Navigation and User Interfaces. 32M triangles per second accessed from the OpenGL ES 2.0 library brings an exciting feel to any device.

Power Consumption - to ensure the battery keeps powering the devices, from more than 60 hours for Audio Playback to 3 hours for HD Camcorder Record into H.264 format. Using Broadcom's multimedia products, devices such as Mobile Phones, Personal Multimedia Devices and Location devices, the future mobile user will always have the highest quality features immediately available.