High Performance Mobile Multimedia Processor

Based on the VideoCore®II processing engine, the BCM2724 is software-compatible with the established VideoCore family, allowing rapid development of next-generation products and backward compatibility for applications software.

Broadcom provides all the necessary middleware and services for rapid and seamless integration with a host processor, as well as a complete development kit with a fully featured toolchain for rapid development of applications.

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  • Very low power with MPEG-4 encode from only 10 mW
  • NTSC/PAL direct video output
  • Fully programmable architecture, which enables the full range of multimedia codecs to be implemented in software. This provides total flexibility to the system designer without the costly overhead and time-to-market uncertainty of hardware accelerators
  • Highly integrated solution combining video and audio processing, polyphonic sound synthesis, an LCD controller, and 64Mbits of embedded SDRAM on a single package

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