Quad-Channel 10-GbE SFI-to-XAUI™ LAN/WAN PHY with 1588

The Broadcom BCM84748 is a quad-channel 10-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) SFI-to-XAUI™ LAN/WAN PHY that incorporates an electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) equalizer supporting SFP+ line card applications. The BCM84748 supports 1588 and WAN interface Sublayer (WIS) mode.

The BCM84748 is a multirate physical layer device (PHY) targeted for SMF, multimode fiber (MMF), or copper twin-ax applications interfacing to both limiting-based and linear-based SFP+ and SFP modules. The BCM84748 is fully compliant with the 10GbE IEEE 802.3aq standard and also supports 1000BASE-X and SGMII modes.

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  • Quad-channel SFI-to-XAUI transceiver
  • Supports SFP+ SR, LR, and LRM optical interfaces
  • SFF-8431 CX1 compliant
  • LRM mode supports 300m of MMF, exceeding the IEEE 802.3aq standard