BroadR-Reach® Single-Port Automotive Ethernet Transceiver

The BCM89810 is a 100 Mbps automotive Ethernet transceiver integrated into a single monolithic CMOS chip. The device performs all of the physical layer (PHY) functions for BroadR-Reach® encoded Ethernet packets over single-pair unshielded twisted-pair copper wire, such as FlexRay™. The BCM89810 is designed to exceed automotive specifications for noise cancellation and transmission jitter, providing consistent and reliable operation over the broadest range of existing single-pair twisted-pair automotive cable plants.

The BCM89810 is based on Broadcom's proven digital-signal processor technology, combining digital adaptive equalizers, ADCs, phase locked loops, line drivers, encoders, decoders, echo cancelers, and all other required support circuitry. The BCM89810 is designed to be fully compliant with RGMII and MII interface specifications, allowing compatibility with industry-standard Ethernet media access controllers (MACs) and switch controllers.

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  • 100 Mbps operation over single-pair copper cable
  • Advanced power savings, supports multiple low power modes
  • Designed to meet stringent automotive production requirements (AEC-Q100, EMC, automotive temperature grades)
  • Enables precise time synchronization of networks through support of IEEE standards 1588 v2 and 802.1AS