Optical Transport Products

Broadcom offers a complete family of 2.5G and 10G SONET/SDH/OTN transceivers that enable the development of low-cost, high-density optical transport equipment. These high-density, low power solutions handle more bandwidth in a smaller space, enabling telecommunications and service providers to efficiently deliver data and voice traffic over existing fiber networks.

Optical Transport Products

100G Mux/Demux

Part # Description
BCM84128 128Gbps CMOS Transmitter (MUX) For DP-QPSK Coherent Optical Module
BCM84790 100-GbE/OTN VSR28 to CAUI Gearbox
BCM84793 100-GbE/OTN VSR28 to CAUI Gearbox

40G Mux/Demux

Part # Description
BCM84141 45G (2 x 23G DQPSK) to SFI-5.1 DeMux
BCM84142 SFI-5.1 to OTU3/45 Gbps (2 x 23 Gbps D-QPSK) Multiplexer
BCM84145 Multirate 40-Gbps 1:4 Demux with CDR, VGA, and Advanced Feature Set
BCM84146 Multirate 40-Gbps 4:1 MUX with DPSK/Duobinary Precoder
BCM84147 Multirate 40-Gbps 1:16 DEMUX with CDR, VGA, and Advanced Feature Set
BCM84148 Multirate 40-Gbps 16:1 Multiplexer with DPSK/Duobinary Precoder

10G CDRs

Part # Description
BCM8102 SONET/SDH Quad-Rate Small Form Factor EyeOpener™
BCM8302 Dual Multirate 10-Gbps Low-Power CDR/EyeOpener®
BCM8304 Quad Low-Power Unidirectional 10 GbE CDR/EyeOpener®
BCM8305 Quad Low-Power Unidirectional 10 GbE CDR/Eye Opener®
BCM8322 Dual Multirate 10 Gbps Small Form Factor Referenceless CDR/EyeOpener®
BCM8324 Quad Low-Power Unidirectional 10 GbE Referenceless CDR/EyeOpener®
BCM8325 Quad Low-Power Unidirectional 10 GbE Referenceless CDR/Eye Opener®

10G Mux/Demux

Part # Description
BCM8105 Multirate 10-Gbps CDR/Demultiplexer with Electronic Dispersion Compensation
BCM8108 Multirate 10-Gbps SONET/SDH/10GbE/FC/FEC Transmitter Multiplexer
BCM8109 Multirate 10-Gbps SONET/SDH/10GbE/FC/FEC Demultiplexer
BCM8124 Low-Jitter 10-Gbps 16:1 Multiplexer with Clock Generation and MSA Features
BCM8125 10-Gbps 1:16 Demultiplexer with CDR and Limiting Amplifier
BCM8128 Multirate 10-Gbps SONET/SDH/10GbE/FEC Transmitter
BCM8129 Multirate 10-Gbps SONET/SDH/10GbE/FEC Demultiplexer Receiver

10G Transceivers

Part # Description
BCM8152 10-Gbps Transceiver with Bus Skew and Limiting Amplifier
BCM8154 Multirate Low-Power 10-Gbps NRZ/Duobinary Transceiver with 10G Clock
BCM8156 Multirate Low-Power 10-Gbps XFI TO SFI-4.1 Transceiver

2.5G Transceivers

Part # Description
BCM8211 2.488-Gbps Transceiver with Internal Loop Timing
BCM8220 2.488/2.667-Gbps SONET/SDH Transceiver
BCM8228 VariRate™ Multirate Transceiver with SONET Rate Adaptation and PM

OTN/FEC Products

Part # Description
BCM84512 12x10G/3x40G LAN/WAN/OTN Framer/Mapper/PHY With EDC
BCM84520 Dual 10G LAN/WAN/OTN Framer/Mapper/PHY with EDC
BCM84540 4x10G/1x40G LAN/WAN/OTN Framer/Mapper/PHY With EDC
BCM8512 10-Gb DWDM OTU-2 Transport Processor with G.709 FEC, SONET/SDH/10-GbE Performance Monitor