128Gbps CMOS Transmitter (MUX) For DP-QPSK Coherent Optical Module

Broadcom's BCM84128 is a 128Gbps 20:4/10:4 MUX for 100G DP-QPSK long-haul, regional and metropolitan optical transport. The 100G transmitter achieves an aggregate data rate of 128 Gbps at an incredibly low power consumption rate of two watts, enabling high-capacity, 100G optical modules and line-card designs.

The BCM84128 transmitter implemented in 40nm CMOS process technology provides a full-rate clock output at 32 GHz and a half-rate clock output at 16 GHz. Advanced features such as clock and data skew control adjust the lane-to-lane skew and the date-to-clock skew on the line-side interface.

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  • Consumes 60 percent lower power than competitive devices (less than two watts)
  • Achieves aggregate data rate of 128Gbps2 with four 32.1G lanes
  • Higher reliability and testability enabled through proven 40nm CMOS process technology