Evaluation Board for BCM1250

The BCM91250A is an evaluation board for the SiByte™ BCM1250 dual processor SOC (system on chip) and is implemented in the standard ATX form factor. The board makes use of all the interfaces of the BCM1250. To provide examples for both hardware and software designers, configurable interfaces are used in all their modes wherever possible.
The board comes complete with an ATX 2.0 compliant case and power supply. Common off-the-shelf peripherals can be added, such as PCI graphics adapters, USB keyboards and mice, and ATA hard disks. In addition, the board has provisions for a few specialized applications including PCMCIA and HyperTransport (HT) peripherals.

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  • Four DDR SDRAM slots: Each slot accepts 2 bank, 184-pin DDR DIMM with 64-bit data path and optional 8-bit ECC
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports: 10/100/1000BASE-T on standard Cat 5 UTP cable
  • 66 MHz PCI local bus (rev. 2.2) compliant: Two 3.3V, 32-bit slots