XLP900 Series

XLP II Processor Family: XLP900 Multicore, Multithreaded, Third Generation Processor

Broadcom’s XLP® II 900 series multicore processors incorporate breakthrough XLPII processor technology that integrates up to 80 NXCPUs and up to 160Gbps of application performance. This latest processor features quad-issue, quad-threading, and superior out-of-order execution enabling platform scalability to 640 NXCPUs to deliver 1.28Tbps of performance with memory coherency.

The XLPII 900 series of processors are highly optimized and ideally suited for the stringent performance, security, efficiency and scalability requirements of service provider, data center and enterprise networks. With quad-issue, quad-threading, advanced out-of-order execution CPU architecture with multi-chip coherency, the XLPII 900 series is the industry’s first processor solution to deliver over one trillion operations per second of compute performance. The flagship processor features end-to-end virtualization, advanced security capabilities such as deep-packet inspection (DPI), and innovative network and application intelligence technology with wire-speed networking and multi-layer QoS capabilities.

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  • 160Gbps application performance, scalable to 1.28Tbps
  • Superscalar, quad-issue, CPU pipeline with out-of-order execution, high single thread performance
  • Tri-level cache subsystem
  • Inter-chip interface (ICI) to connect up to eight XLPII 900-series processors
  • Full end-to-end hardware virtualization support for the CPU cores, I/Os, hardware accelerators and on-chip interconnects
  • Supports hundreds of virtual machines (VMs), with protected memory, resources and I/Os, supports KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and QEMU (open-sourced Quick EMUlater)
  • Four DDR3 controllers with 68.25 GB/s total bandwidth
  • Industry’s highest 100Gbps encryption and authentication performance, scalable to 800Gbps
  • RSA1K, RSA2K, RSA4K, RSA8K,and ECC support
  • Industry’s highest 40Gbps deep-packet inspection performance with grammar processing, scalable to 320Gbps
  • RAID5/6 engines with advanced deduplication support
  • Compression/decompression support
  • Optimized Interlaken-LA interface for low-latency KBP
  • Support XLAUI, KR4, XFI, XAUI, RXAUI, HiGig2, PCIE 3.0, SATA and USB3.0
  • IEEE 1588 hardware time stamping, SyncE, MACSec, and PFC support
  • Power Gating per Core