108-Gbps Integrated Ethernet Multilayer Switch

The BCM56520 is Broadcom's seventh generation of the StrataXGS® product line. It is a highly integrated multilayer switch designed to address new and emerging Enterprise and Metro Area Networking applications. With a combination of cost-optimized Ethernet functionality, sophisticated classification, accounting, and Metro protocols, and advanced services, the BCM56520 makes an ideal solution for the Enterprise wiring closet as well as Metro fixed access and edge networks.

The BCM56520 incorporates up to 24 ports of GbE and four ports of HiGig2™. The four ports of HiGig2 can operate as standard IEEE 802.3ae XAUI™ or as ports running the HiGig2 protocol. Using the HiGig2 protocol, the BCM56520 can interconnect with other Broadcom devices for scalable, high-performance fixed, and modular systems.

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  • Seventh generation of Broadcom's switching and routing technology
  • Broadcom's first unified wireless/wireline switch, supporting CAPWAP tunneling and multiple mobility models
  • Highly integrated, purpose-built solution for Metro Access/Edge fixed applications and enterprise wiring closet, fixed stackable, and stand-alone configurations
  • Provides a truly integrated wireless and wireline switching solution, enabling cost-effective unified switching in the wiring closet