OF-DPA Software

OpenFlow — Data Plane Abstraction Networking Software

Broadcom's OpenFlow Data Plane Abstraction (OF-DPA) software enables development and deployment of scalable and high performance OpenFlow-based Software-Defined Networking applications on widely deployed Broadcom-based switches.

OF-DPA is compliant with the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) OpenFlow v1.3.1 specification. OF-DPA v1.0 defines and implements a hardware abstraction layer that maps the industry-leading StrataXGS switch architecture to the OpenFlow 1.3.1 switch and pipeline.

The OF-DPA specification and API are openly published and provided with turnkey reference implementation on ODM and OCP-compliant switches to enable a community and academia-based development ecosystem. Any OpenFlow v1.3.1 compliant controller and agent can be integrated with OF-DPA to enable popular SDN use cases such as Virtual Tenant Networks, Network Virtualization, Traffic Engineering and Service Chaining.

OF-DPA software is available in two packages:

● An OEM & ODM Development Package (ODP), which is a full source code package distributed under Broadcom SLA.
● A Community Development Package (CDP), which is an Open API library with Application Development Kit distributed on GitHub.

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  • OpenFlow v1.3.1 pipeline mapping for StrataXGS switch silicon
  • Openly published OF-DPA architecture specification, API Library and Application Development Kit
  • Rich set of APIs to enable integration with OpenFlow Agent software
  • Extensible APIs to support future versions of OpenFlow Protocol
  • Portability across StrataXGS and StrataDNX architectures
  • Supports SDN use cases including Virtual Tenant Networks, Network Virtualization, Traffic Engineering and Service Chaining

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