AirForce One Single-Chip 802.11b Transceiver

The Broadcom BCM4317 single-chip 802.11b transceiver is the smallest size, lowest power and most integrated wireless LAN transceiver in the industry, enabling integration of Wi-Fi functionality into a greater range of devices than ever before possible. The AirForce One solution offers a comprehensive power management scheme to extend the battery life of Wi-Fi enabled small mobile devices. This power management approach leverages the benefits of extreme integration, innovative hardware design and Broadcom's new SuperStandby software, which allows the AirForce One module to consume 97 percent less power than the other leading wireless LAN solutions in standby mode. Since mobile devices spend a majority of their time in standby, the power savings offered by SuperStandby mode can add several days of battery life to a PDA equipped with AirForce One connectivity.

In addition to the unique benefits afforded by a single-chip solution, the AirForce One solution leverages Broadcom's CMOS hardware expertise and proven OneDriver™ software to deliver the superior performance, range and security features of its industry-leading wireless LAN chipsets. The OneDriver software includes all requirements for submission to Wi-Fi labs for certification testing, provides maximum stability and flexibility across Broadcom's entire line of AirForce wireless LAN products and enables a comprehensive portfolio of features. This includes the industry's most comprehensive security portfolio, including certified Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX), as well as built-in hardware support for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Broadcom AirForce products also feature Xpress™ frame-bursting technology to improve the efficiency and increase overall throughput of a wireless network.

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  • Industry's smallest Wi-Fi® solution makes wireless LAN connectivity practical for pocket-sized electronic devices, reducing component count by 85%
  • Innovative power management reduces power consumption by up to 97% in standby mode
  • Cost effective architecture eliminates over 100 components, providing more affordable wireless connectivity for consumer electronics
  • Reference designs include SD option with Bluetooth®