BCM4323x Family

Intensi-fi® XLR Media Family

As a follow-on to the success of the world's first single-chip dual-band 802.11n Broadcom BCM4323, these Wi-Fi® solutions integrate high-performance Power Amplifiers (PAs) in a single monolithic CMOS die and leverage ubiquitous USB interfaces to add high performance Wi-Fi connectivity to PCs, TVs, set-top boxes (STBs), broadband modems, Blu-ray Disc® players, and other consumer electronics devices.

The Intensi-Fi® XLR Wi-Fi media family consists of a 2x2 2.4 GHz-only solution (BCM43235) for cost-sensitive internet connectivity applications, a fully integrated dual-band radio transceiver with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band transmission capability (BCM43236) for whole-home video streaming applications, and a fully integrated dual-band radio transceiver with custom enhancements and software to support carrier-grade IPTV applications (BCM43238).

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  • Two dual-band radios (one 2.4 GHz and one 5 GHz) with integrated high-performance PAs
  • An ARM® host offload processor and RAM that reduces wireless tasks from the host processor, enabling the device to achieve maximum Wi-Fi performance with no incremental load impact vs. wired Ethernet
  • Data rates up to 300 Megabits per second (Mbps) and TCP throughput of 200 Mbps over short distances and guaranteed, robust throughput of 40 Mbps+ at the edge of a >3000 feet² home
  • 65 nanometer CMOS design that promotes high integration and low power consumption