Dual-Band 802.11n PCI Express® MiniCard Reference Design

The BCM94321MC reference design enables manufacturers to incorporate draft-802.11n Wi-Fi® capabilities into notebook PCs and other devices that support the new PCI Express bus architecture. The reference design integrates Broadcom's new Intensi-fi® solutions, including the Broadcom's best-performing 802.11 radio (the BCM2055), and 2.4/5 GHz baseband and media access controller (the BCM4321). By supporting multiple simultaneous data (or "spatial") streams, Intensi-fi client adapters can achieve data rates of over 300 Mbps and more reliable wireless coverage.

In addition, dual-band operation allows Intensi-fi designs to be compatible with millions of 802.11a/b/g devices already on the market. Greater performance and interoperability not only provides Wi-Fi users with a flawless multimedia experience, but also reduces product support costs for manufacturers.

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  • Broadcom's first IEEE 802.11n draft-compliant Wi-Fi® reference design for PCI Express notebook design solutions
  • Two spatially multiplexed streams support data rates up to 270 Mbps
  • Compatible with installed base of 802.11a/b/g devices
  • Leverages Broadcom's proven OneDriver™ software to deliver superior performance, ease-of-use and security features, including SecureEasySetup