High-Performance Mobile Multimedia Processor

Based on the new VideoCore®II processing engine, the BCM2702 is software compatible with the established VideoCore® family, allowing rapid development of next-generation products and backward compatibility for applications software.

Fully programmable architecture which enables the full range of multimedia codecs to be implemented in software. This provides total flexibility to the system designer without the costly overhead and time-to-market uncertainty of hardware accelerators.

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  • Very Low Power MPEG-4 encode from only 10 mW
  • NTSC/PAL direct video output
  • Highly integrated solution combining video and audio processing, polyphonic sound synthesis, an LCD controller, and SRAM on a single chip.
  • Broadcom provides all the necessary middleware and services for rapid and seamless integration with a host processor, as well as a complete development kit with a fully featured toolchain for rapid development of applications.

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