Featured Product - BCM85620

BCM85620 Microwave Backhaul SoC

The BCM85620 system-on-a-chip (SoC), designed specifically to address the need for higher bandwidth in mobile backhaul, represents the industry's first solution to deliver Gigabit bandwidth and beyond and is the first SoC to combine a baseband modem and network processor in one chip. With unparalleled integration, the BCM85620 combines the functionality of up to ten off-the-shelf application-specific standard parts (ASSPs) into one SoC, dramatically lowering power consumption and system costs.

As the number of mobile users, and use of multimedia services such as streaming video continues to rise, mobile operators are investing in next generation mobile backhaul networks that enable mobile operators to meet the performance and service expectations of consumers. In order to manage this massive growth in wireless traffic and evolution of 4G/LTE networks, carriers are faced with the challenge of backhauling data from the cell sites to the core network.

With enhanced radio performance and advanced networking capabilities, the BCM85620 provides radio-optimized traffic delivery, including robust clock delivery over packet networks needed for network synchronization. Coupled with 1.25Gbps throughput and 25 percent higher capacity than existing solutions, the BCM85620 enables wireless backhaul systems to support the demanding requirements of 4G/LTE networks.

Product Highlights:

  • Industry's highest capacity modulation (1024QAM) delivers Gigabit and beyond
  • Packet fragmentation and header compression combined with ACM-aware traffic management enables radio-optimized networking
  • Robust Adaptive code and modulation (ACM) technology automatically provisions bandwidth
  • Extreme phase noise tolerance reduces system cost and improves spectral efficiency/system gain
  • Synchronization over packet network - SyncE and 1588 support over ACM and protection switching
  • Low latency for 4G networks
  • Integrated carrier grade network processor