Featured Product - BCM85810 Integrated Outdoor Unit on a Chip

Delivers Unparalleled Performance and Integration to Microwave Backhaul

Industry analysts predict mobile data traffic to quadruple by 2015 as the number of mobile users and use of multimedia services continues to rise. To manage this massive growth in wireless traffic and evolution of 4G/LTE networks, mobile operators are investing in next generation mobile backhaul networks to meet the performance and bandwidth requirements of backhauling data from the cell sites to the core networks.

With unparalleled integration, the BCM85810 combines the functionality of up to 10 off-the-shelf chips, dramatically reducing the size, complexity, production cost and power consumption of microwave radio frequency units (RFUs).

Designed to address the need for higher bandwidth and faster time-to-market in microwave split-mount and full/all outdoor units (FODU/AODU), the BCM85810 RF system-on-a-chip (SoC) is based on a flexible architecture, enabling various types of system architectures such as split-mount (IDU-ODU) and all-outdoor (All-ODU) on a common hardware platform.

With only two variants to cover all standard point-to-point microwave frequency bands and all channel bandwidths, the BCM85810 single chip solution simplifies system manufacturing, deployment, and inventory management. With support for high modulation, the BCM85810 delivers a significant improvement in spectrum utilization and capacity.

Product Highlights:

  • Combines functionality of up to ten off-the-shelf ASSPs including synthesizers (IF and RF), LNA, AGCs, BPF Bank, LPF Bank, IR Mixers, VGA and VVA with wide dynamic range, PA driver and Power detectors
  • Only two variants to cover all standard point-to-point microwave spectrum
  • Supports high modulations which enable higher spectrum utilization and capacity
  • Wide AGC dynamic range (>70dB)
  • On-chip selectable baseband filters