Cloud Scale Networking

The Network Makes or Breaks the Cloud:
Best-in-Class Infrastructure Built on Broadcom Networking Solutions

Network operators are facing workloads that are changing in unpredictable ways. Users are demanding massive increases in data volume while expecting to pay lower prices. These forces can choke networks, straining service-level agreements (SLA) and lowering asset utilization. Networks are also prone to inefficiencies in scaling, which unnecessarily increase capex and opex.

Optimal choices in network infrastructure design can provide answers to these problems. Through the selection and deployment of best-fit physical networking elements in a flat connection topology, operators can create cloud-scale blueprints for efficient network design. Activating the right services and features of the physical network elements can enable high performance and scale for all workloads, even in the face of unpredictability. And, the ability to integrate software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) services on top of the infrastructure allows operators to dynamically provision their networks for rapid deployment and innovation velocity. In a nutshell, this is what Cloud Scale Networking is all about.

Broadcom has created a “Cloud Scale Network Configurator” tool to help network operators evaluate the tradeoffs required when building the optimal cloud architecture for their workload needs. The Configurator leverages leading-edge networking solutions such as the StrataXGS® Trident II — and can provide valuable insights for planning next-generation networks.


Network operators can build the highest performance and most efficient cloud-scale networks using Broadcom technologies — by deploying best-of-breed physical layer elements, enabling advanced network services and features on those elements, and applying SDN and NFV services for greater operational agility. Expand the links below to learn more about Broadcom’s solutions for Cloud Scale Networking:

Fast, Fat and Flat Networks with SmartSwitch Technologies

Recognizing the dramatic shifts in how networks need to be designed and future-proofed, network architects, service providers and their equipment suppliers are turning to Broadcom's industry-leading SmartSwitch technology-enabled StrataXGS® switch solutions to manage the massive new bandwidth, scale, and feature requirements of cloud scale networks.

The StrataXGS Trident™ II series features SmartSwitch technologies designed to break through traditional silicon and system-imposed performance barriers in cloud-scale networking. Increased performance needs for server-to-server and server-to-storage communication are driving the need for fast, fat and flat networks. Dynamic workload placement and the need for granular traffic visibility, load balancing and diagnostics are similarly driving more flexible software defined networks (SDN). The SmartSwitch technologies include:

  • Smart-NV : enables cloud-scale network infrastructure virtualization using advanced Layer 2 over Layer 3 (L2oL3) network virtualization technologies such as VxLAN and NVGRE, delivering up to 4X greater scale
  • Smart-Buffer : delivers up to 5X higher packet buffer utilization and burst absorption performance using innovative traffic load-based intelligent and dynamic allocation schemes
  • Smart-Table : delivers highest Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding scale with network topology-based profiling for maximum deployment flexibility
  • Smart-Hash : eliminates polarization and load imbalances in fat-tree networks possessing heavy and diverse traffic patterns
  • Smart-Hash : eliminates polarization and load imbalances in fat-tree networks possessing heavy and diverse traffic patterns