Energy Efficient Networking

Broadcom® Energy Efficient Networking Product Portfolio

Network equipment of all types can benefit from lower power consumption, which reduces energy costs and lowers overall operating costs for IT organizations. Broadcom® Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) compliant products go beyond the standard to deliver additional energy savings of up to 70 percent per port and provide customers with end-to-end silicon and software solutions that enable faster deployment of energy efficient networks.

Broadcom's extensive portfolio — the broadest in the industry — allows engineers to begin immediate adoption of EEE and gives designers of new Ethernet gear a wide range of options for implementing the new IEEE standard. Broadcom developed its proprietary AutoGrEEEn™ technology to facilitate the adoption of EEE and provide a faster migration path for legacy networking equipment.

AutoGrEEEn technology implements the EEE standard directly into Broadcom PHYs, enabling EEE mode when interfacing with non-EEE enabled MAC devices,. This innovation allows customers to make existing network equipment EEE-compliant by simply changing the PHY devices.

Broadcom's Energy Efficient Networking (EEN) solutions include switch silicon that spans entry level unmanaged to enterprise and metro class switches; single, dual, quad and octal Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) physical layer devices (PHYs); dual and quad 10GbE PHYs; 10/100 and 1GbE controllers, and 10GbE converged network interface controllers (C-NICs).

Going Beyond the Standard

Broadcom drives innovation in communication technology through its leadership in the development of industry standards. Broadcom actively embraces and promotes the IEEE P802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard as an integral part of its broad framework to achieve high-performance, low-power technologies at an optimal cost point throughout its wired Ethernet portfolio.

For more about the IEEE P802.3az EE Standard and Broadcom's AutoGrEEN technology, check out the following:

Broadcom goes beyond the EEE standard with its Energy Efficient Networking (EEN) initiative that enables enhanced energy savings beyond what is inherent in the EEE standard, and provides customers with a faster time-to-market for their EEE-compliant solutions.

How Broadcom's EEE Technology Works

Broadcom Gets Involved

  • Climate Savers Computing: As a sponsor, Broadcom commits to purchase energy-efficient systems and use power management, and participating in technical and marketing workgroups.
  • GreenTouch: Broadcom is part of a consortium of experts who have come together to find new approaches for energy efficiency and to invent radical new technologies that will be at the heart of sustainable networks.
  • The Green Grid: As a member, Broadcom shares in The Green Grid's mission of working closely with end-users, technology providers and governments around the world to create standards for more efficient use of resources in data centers.

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