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Next-Gen Enterprise

The Challenge of Workforce Mobility and BYOD

As the number of connected devices and emergence of cloud-based applications continues to climb, demand for higher-bandwidth enterprise networks is growing at a rapid pace. With the trend toward Bring Your Own Device (or BYOD) in the workplace, enterprise IT managers must adapt with scalable, affordable, secure platforms in a unified infrastructure.

Broadcom's new StrataXGS® BCM56340 Series delivers a broad range of innovative features that simplify the provisioning and monitoring of mobile user traffic, while providing secure, seamless and high-speed connectivity to the data center and cloud-computing storage resources.

Next-Gen SMB

Optimized Solutions for the Evolving Network

Many small-to-medium business are adopting cloud services and deploying advanced IP-based applications. While this helps companies reduce capital expenditures and lower equipment maintenance costs, it requires more sophisticated networking capabilities and stringent security controls.

Broadcom's StrataConnect™ Series allows customers to deliver "cloud-ready" networks and enable advanced high bandwidth applications that drive productivity. With unprecedented integration, the StrataConnect Series of switch SoCs combine Layer 2 and Layer 3 (L2/L3) switching, 16 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) physical layer transceivers (PHYs), 10 GbE and high-performance central processing unit (CPU) onto a single piece of silicon, delivering enterprise-class features to the SMB network.

Key Facts

Executive Perspectives

"IT organizations are under increasing pressure to provide access to applications and data from anywhere, at any time, via any device," said Matthias Machowinski, Infonetics Directing Analyst, Enterprise Networks and Video. "Bandwidth, integration and intelligent security features that scale to a large number of users are among the top requirements. Broadcom's latest innovation for the enterprise should strengthen the company's position as a leading supplier in this space."

"For small to medium businesses, cloud services have quickly become a critical way to deliver leading technology without the complexity of big IT," said Derek Lam, NETGEAR VP of Engineering, SMB Switching and Wireless. "As a result, scalable switching solutions with advanced features are now more important than ever. It is essential that semiconductor suppliers address these trends with products optimized for SMB networks."

"The Enterprise wireless LAN market will experience tremendous growth over the next five years, driven by the continued adoption of personal technology in the enterprise and the bandwidth demands of real-time collaborative applications," said Marc Randall, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Avaya Networking.