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Broadcom Selected for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Wi-Fi Direct™ Test Suite and Among the First to Obtain Certification

Enables Revolutionary Device to Device Connections Anywhere, Anytime - With or Without a Traditional Network Available

Wi-Fi Direct enables devices to communicate directly with each other without having to connect first to an access point and be part of a traditional network, thus creating many new wireless device-to-device applications and usage models.

Broadcom is incorporating Wi-Fi Direct across its entire portfolio, including the feature in all of its connectivity, media and mobility products. The company is offering its InConcert® Maestro™ Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) along with its Wi-Fi-Direct certified devices. This combination will allow simple and easy-to-develop wireless gaming, content sharing, and printing applications. Having the industry's broadest range of Wi-Fi chips with designs in countless product categories including mobile phones, tablets, notebooks/netbooks, Blu-Ray players, gateways, access points/routers, printers, televisions, set-top boxes, games, and portable media players, Broadcom will offer consumers an entire ecosystem of devices that seamlessly connect with one another using Wi-Fi Direct.

In the past, Wi-Fi devices had to connect first to an access point in order to communicate with other devices in a given network. Wi-Fi direct enables devices to communicate directly with one another without having to interact with an access point. This not only makes communication between devices simpler and faster, but means devices can connect anywhere and anytime.

Wi-Fi Direct-certified Broadcom drivers for the mobile, media and PC segments enable a full ecosystem of products capable of sharing user generated content amongst one another, without an access point. Broadcom includes the InConcert Maestro API as part of the Wi-Fi driver package for its certified Wi-Fi Direct chipsets. The InConcert Maestro API framework offers application developers easy access to Wi-Fi Direct functionality on Broadcom chipsets. Developers can now effortlessly write exciting applications that make use of the device-to-device communication mechanisms as defined by the technology tested in Wi-Fi Direct certification. The InConcert Maestro API allows OEMs and carriers to offer new and exciting easy-to-use services and consumer applications. For example, with InConcert Maestro and the underlying Wi-Fi Direct mechanisms, friends in a train or on a beach can now discover each other's wireless devices, connect and play a game, chat or exchange files without requiring any other device or network assistance.

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