SecureEasySetup Software

SecureEasySetup software radically simplifies Wi-Fi® wireless LAN configuration, allowing even first-time Wi-Fi users to setup and secure their wireless networks with the push of a button. Whereas a typical Wi-Fi installation requires a user to manually configure several technical settings on each wireless device, SecureEasySetup simply requires a user to push a button on the wireless router/ Access Point, and a corresponding button on the PC or other client device. This automates the connection process and activates Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), the strongest security standard available to protect home and small business wireless networks from unauthorized use.

SecureEasySetup makes Wi-Fi practical for variety of new platforms and devices. Push-button configuration eliminates the need for a user interface, enabling manufacturers to embed high-performance Wi-Fi capabilities into even more products - including consumer electronics without screens or keypads and non-Windows devices.


  • Turnkey software solution for manufacturers embedding Wi-Fi into networking equipment, PCs, peripherals or consumer electronics
  • Completely automates Wi-Fi wireless LAN configuration with WPA-Personal (PSK) security
  • Generates and distributes strong WPA passwords to authenticate network devices and encrypt data transmissions

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