Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SmartBridge™)

Use the WICED Development System to create secure embedded wireless networking applications on an existing product microcontroller, or on an additional WICED module that includes a microcontroller. Either way, the comprehensive and size-optimized WICED application library and embedded Wi-Fi driver work together with a Broadcom® embedded wireless LAN chip to provide seamless wireless connectivity.

If you need ultra low power wireless, use the included WICED SmartBridge™ API to provide seamless data aggregation and internet connectivity for WICED Smart devices too!

The WICED™ Development System enables Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth bridging for:

  • Home, Health and Fitness (Cameras, Speakers, Washers, Dryers, Fridges, Ranges)
  • Sensors, Home Monitoring and Control (Weight scales, Fitness equipment, Blood Pressure Monitors, Thermostats, Security Cameras, Alarms, Light switches)

Find out more in our WICED™ Frequently Asked Questions section: View FAQ

WICED™ Wi-Fi Development Kits

Broadcom provides a WICED Software Development Kit and is working with partners to deliver turnkey hardware solutions to enable Wi-Fi connectivity.

WICED™ Wi-Fi Software Development Kit

The WICED SDK includes

  • An open source build system and toolchain based on GNU make (native IAR support coming soon!).
  • A GUI Development Environment based on Eclipse CDT that seamlessly integrates with a JTAG programmer and single-step, thread-aware debugger based on OpenOCD and gdb.
  • A comprehensive software stack with a choice of several RTOS/TCP stack options including ThreadX/NetX, ThreadX/NetX Duo and FreeRTOS/LwIP.
  • Advanced security and networking features such as SSL/TLS, IPv4/IPv6 networking, and mDNS (Bonjour) device discovery.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy SmartBridge™ to connect Bluetooth Smart devices to Wi-Fi
  • WICED Application Framework including bootloader, flash storage API, over-the-air (OTA) upgrades, factory reset, and system monitor.
  • Simple out-of-box device setup using Apple-licensed MFi technology or via a web browser and softAP/webserver.
  • Production ready sample applications.
  • Lots of application snippets demonstrating how to use the rich WICED API feature set.
  • Various test applications to aid manufacturing and certification.
  • All documentation included inside the WICED SDK.

The WICED™ Wi-Fi SDK and Documentation can be downloaded here after completing the registration process.

WICED+™ with Apple MFi licensed technology

WICED™ is designed to work with iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. The WICED SDK comes with support for Apple licensed technology available at: developer.apple.com/mfi. The WICED+ module and SDK paired with Apple licensed technology provides a simple out-of-box setup experience for Wi-Fi devices when used with Apple iOS devices.