Determining the Correct Driver for Broadcom Ethernet Products

Determining the Correct Driver for Broadcom Ethernet Products

Device Manager provides information about how a computer's hardware is installed and configured, and how the hardware interacts with your computer's programs. Device Manager can be used to update the device drivers for the hardware installed on your computer, modify hardware settings, and troubleshoot problems.

Note: To perform this task, the user may be required to be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrator's group.

To obtain the device ID of the Ethernet controller installed on your computer, complete these steps:

1. Open Device Manager.

  • Click Start, and then click Control Panel
  • Double-click System
  • On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager

2. Click Network Adapters to expand the network list of network devices installed on your computer

3. Right-click Broadcom NetXtreme 57xxGigabit Controller, and then click Properties

4. Click the Details tab

On the details tab, a line similar to the following is displayed:


Where: 14E4 identifies the controller as a Broadcom device. DEV_XXXX is the device ID.

5. After obtaining the device ID, use Table 1 to identify the associated Broadcom part


Table 1 lists the device IDs for Broadcom NetXtreme, NetXtreme II, and NetLink based Ethernet products and their associated Broadcom part numbers.

Note: To go directly to download driver support page for your Broadcom Ethernet controller product, click on the device ID hyperlink below.

Table 1: Broadcom Ethernet Controller Device ID

Device ID Part # Model
1600 BCM5752 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1601 BCM5752M NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
160a BCM5761E NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1643BCM5725NetXtreme Server
1644 BCM5700 NetXtreme Server
1645 BCM5701 NetXtreme Server
1645 BCM5701S NetXtreme Server
1646 BCM5702 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1647 BCM5703 NetXtreme Server
1648 BCM5704 NetXtreme Server
1653 BCM5705 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1654 BCM5705 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1655BCM5717NetXtreme Server
1656BCM5718NetXtreme Server
1657BCM5719NetXtreme Server
1659 BCM5721 NetXtreme Server
165a BCM5722 NetXtreme Server
165b BCM5723 NetXtreme Server
165d BCM5705M NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
165e BCM5705M NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
165fBCM5720NetXtreme Server
1665BCM5717NetXtreme Server
1668 BCM5714 NetXtreme Server
1669 BCM5714S NetXtreme Server
166a BCM5780 NetXtreme Server
166b BCM5780S NetXtreme Server
1672 BCM5754M NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1673 BCM5755M NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1674 BCM5756ME NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1677 BCM5751 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1678 BCM5715 NetXtreme Server
1679 BCM5715S NetXtreme Server
167a BCM5754 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
167b BCM5755 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
167d BCM5751M NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
167e BCM5751F NetLink
167f BCM5787F NetLink
1680 BCM5761E NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1681 BCM5761 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1684 BCM5764 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1690 BCM57760 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1692 BCM57780 NetLink
1693 BCM5787M NetLink
1694 BCM57790 NetLink
1694 BCM5785 NetLink
1696 BCM5782 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1698 BCM5784M NetLink
1699 BCM5785 NetLink
169a BCM5786 NetLink
169b BCM5787 NetLink
169c BCM5788 NetLink
16a7 BCM5703S NetXtreme Server
16a8 BCM5704S NetXtreme Server
16aa BCM5706S NetXtreme II
16b0 BCM57761 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
16b1 BCM57781 NetLink
16b2 BCM57791 NetLink
16b4 BCM57765 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
16b5 BCM57785 NetLink
16b6 BCM57795 NetLink
16c7 BCM5703 NetXtreme Server
16dd BCM5781 NetLink
16f3BCM5727NetXtreme Server
16f7 BCM5753 NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
16fd BCM5753M NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
16fe BCM5753F NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
16ff BCM5903M NetLink
1701 BCM4401 NetLink (10/100)
170c BCM4401 NetLink (10/100)
170d BCM5901 NetLink
170e BCM5901 NetLink
170f BCM5903F NetLink
1712 BCM5906 NetLink
1713 BCM5906M NetLink